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py-dom-xpath is a pure Python implementation of XPath 1.0. It supports almost all XPath 1.0, with the main exception being the namespace axis. It operates on DOM 2.0 nodes, and works well with xml.dom.minidom.

py-dom-xpath requires Python 2.5 or greater.

Simple queries are easy:

>>> xpath.find('//item', doc)
[<DOM Element: item at 0x474468>, <DOM Element: item at 0x27d7d8>]

Namespaces are fully supported (although the namespace axis is not):

>>> context = xpath.XPathContext()
>>> context.namespaces['py'] = ''
>>> context.findvalues('//py:skit/@name', doc)
[u'argument', u'lumberjack', u'parrot']

XPath variables are also supported:

>>> xpath.find('//chapter[@name = $name]', doc, name='Python')
[<DOM Element: chapter at 0x474468>]

py-dom-xpath uses the Yapps 2 parser generator by Amit J. Patel.

py-dom-xpath was developed at Nominum. Nominum has graciously permitted the author to release it under the MIT license.

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