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PushButton EngineLittle Dude

Important Note

We are moving PBE's hosting to GitHub. You can now find PBE at

GitHub is great because it simplifies working together on the codebase. Anyone can fork the repository and make changes. It's easy to make a pull request to bring it back into the official codebase, and since code has to be approved before going in, code quality will stay high.

This Google Code site is read-only; all future updates will be found on the GitHub repository.



Welcome! PushButton Engine 1.0 is out! Get it from SVN now!

PushButton Engine is a free framework for building Flash games. There are lots of great libraries for Flash game development. PushButton Engine makes it easy to bring those libraries together to build your game.

Please see the official PushButton Engine web site for more information.

Getting Started

Download PushButton Engine SDK 1.0 (rev 958) Now!

An automated build is also available under the the Download tab. Note that it is the latest, under-development code from SVN, and may not be stable.

You can download the engine from SVN, browse the source, or read online manual.

You can also read the API Reference online.

If you have questions, please visit the PushButton Engine Forums.

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