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About Pulled_Pork
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Updated May 26, 2009 by

What's it all about?

The quick and dirty of it is that I was sitting on a plane when I decided that I needed a way to better handle my snort rulesets. Specifically as shared object rules are concerned. The current version of Oinkmaster does not handle so_rules and also had a few minor shortcomings (in my humble opinion). Don't get me wrong, I love and have used Oinkmaster for YEARS... it just wasn't doing it for me anymore.

Of course with the advent of dcerpc2 and thus the decrease in text based rules for such things, a utility/app/script is needed that can handle so_rules and thus Pulled_Pork was conjured. Honestly, I would have simply modified the Oinkmaster code... but as I said, I was sitting on a plane and didn't have the Oinkmaster code base with me.

Yes, the project use to be called Baconator... but for obvious reasons (or perhaps not?) involving a young redheaded girl with pigtails... we changed the name. Honestly, I think that Pulled_Pork is more apt anyway.

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