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Revision: r971
Author:  SubJunk
Date:  Nov 5, 2011
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Always allow "Restart HTTP Server" button (#959) + formatting fixes

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Comment by project member, Nov 6, 2011
Hmm. I'd forgotten what I had in mind for this when I replied. I was thinking of e.g. having the restart button greyed out (but not disabled) by default and switching to colour when a restart was required. I like the affordance of the UI notification that the server *needs* to be restarted while still allowing users to do it at any time without having to faff about making/undoing an arbitrary change.
Comment by subjunk, Nov 6, 2011
Ah ok. Feel free to implement that :)
Comment by project member ph.waeber, Nov 10, 2011
This would be a possibility
What do you think?
Comment by project member, Nov 10, 2011
Looks good. Feel free to beat me to it :-)
Comment by subjunk, Nov 10, 2011
Yeah looks good

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