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Updated Dec 2, 2012 by

Please post your feature requests in Official FEATURE REQUESTS thread


2.1 PRS+ Dictionary (indexed, with open dictionary format support)
?.? File Manager

Feature requests

Already Implemented

Implemented Feature Requests

In Progress


  1. Improve PDF viewing on x50, allow paging in "zoom lock" mode, "where was I" marker, allow to cut "more" of margins, etc.
  2. search for 300/505
  3. 300/505/600: Rotate screen clockwise/180 grad (impossible with js). Actually Mark Nord figured how to fix binary part.
  4. Greek keyboard
  5. "Add note" action
  6. Flashcard. (hard) I like the idea as it perfectly fits the reader purpose.
  7. Disabling standby feature via menus (easy)
  8. Persistent zoom level / changing default zoom level (already implemented for 300/505)
  9. Force saving of cache (holding current state in books etc) regularly, say once a day at resume or suspend. Also create a backup of last known working cache-files to have a backup in case of unexpected crash
  10. Graphing calculator
  11. Add "clear input" button to Virtual keyboard

Maybe, some day...

  1. Allow to select different fonts
  2. Fullscreen mode (aka "removing status bar")
  3. Reading stats (books read this year, average ppm etc)
  4. Making "hotspots" on the status bar, that can be bound to actions
  5. Song shuffle for 505
  6. Note tagging
  7. DeJaVu support
  8. Allowing fine grained menu customization
  9. Wikipedia - maybe it would be possible to convert it into PRS+ dictionary format (yet to emerge)
  10. Games: Crossword, Backgammon, Solitaire
  11. App: Stopwatch/Timer
  12. Stop page flash on page turns (the flash is used to remove the text from screen, stopping it will harden reading)
  13. Double page flash (black / white cycle) in order to minimize ghosting: a) always (every time the readers flashes the screen), b) when opening an image/photo or turning to the next photo, c) when turning a page, d) when turning a page OR after you get any pop-up menu.
  14. Extending the contextual Options-Menu (GoTo Next/Previous-Chapter, etc...)
  15. White text on black background
  16. key bindings (book): a) bookmark, b) writing notes, c) rotation landscape
  17. 950: a) landscape web browser, b) save web pages for offline access, c) have downloads through the browser go to a folder other than the root directory
  18. BrowseFolders: a) Sort by, View, Search and Orientation, accessed by the Options Button, b) Preview Mode for books on SD/MS (open book, read, close book, book not added to reader library or history), c) Search-by-filename (opens keyboard, type search term, return list of wildcard-matching files from the current folder and (optionally) subfolders), d) thumbnail mode (also for Book History), e) breadcrumb
  19. Books / Notes: sort by File Name
  20. Chess: a) Coordinates for the chess board (A-H, 1-8), b) Saving a chess party in coordinate notation
  21. Edit book metadata
  22. Modify the info view to show all metadata
  23. Option to use Calibre's "Title sort as" when sort by title.
  24. Disable Sony's "intelligent" page-breaking behaviour: make it care just about widows and orphans, but not about "trying to save in-paragraph page-breaks" (see
  25. Menu Customiser: customise Applications slots; integrating PRS+ applications into Applications tab
  26. Status bar: progress bar instead of page numbers (maybe even replace status bar completely?)
  27. Menus: tap page number in status bar to open "select page" popup (like when reading).
  28. Collections: creation of collections (metadata / folder based)
  29. Collections: remembering collections sort order
  30. Showing book size (kb), current page/total pages in book list view
  31. x50/600: Persistent default Font Size for all books
  32. Changing size of UI elements via settings
  33. Modify on-screen keyboard (so that common symbols like a comma don't need to be accessed through a menu; in landscape mode, allow the keyboard to take up a larger part of the screen - done except 950)
  34. Read the "Keywords" (or "Subject") fields from PDFs and use it as "Collection"
  35. If audio is playing, override PRS+ volume button keybindings.
  36. Add the date in the status bar
  37. Show a collection's books and sub-collections together (in the same node)
  38. More zoom levels for image viewers (110, 130, 150%)
  39. let user input any AutoPageTurner-Interval, for this (and some other options) create a PRS+Settings-page with numeric-keyboard, or numeric-input-fields, like used by Standard-Sony-Settings for date/time.
  40. Add stock dictionary app to keybindable actions/apps (to open dictionary in image-based PDF's)
  41. Add option to open full-dictionary with keyboard instead of "short-popUp" in case of "No entry found" (FR by chewi)
  42. Add Option to hide top-buttons in Zoom-Lock-Mode (FR by chewi)

Highly unlikely to be implemented

  1. Collection editing on 300/505/600
  2. Additional single byte encodings
  3. Shell access over USB
  4. Text to speech
  5. Scrollbar alphabet in "Folders" (it's heavy, it eats memory and CPU and battery)
  6. 950: Email client
  7. 300: Highlighting text
  8. BrowseFolders: view by author
  9. Recognizing books based on hash of the book file
  10. System: overclocking, multitasking
  11. System: 3rd party SIM cards
  12. Game: Snake (Why not? Not really suitable for e-ink screen!)
  13. Viewer: "memo page" with notes related to the book (Why not? Save Notepad Data currently collects all notes related to a particular book and stores them in a TXT file, so creating a "memo page" is not worth the effort)


  1. More than 3 zoom sizes on 300/505 (impossible in LRF viewer)
  2. Eye-fi support
  3. Standby Clock (would eat battery in several hours)
  4. Disable touchscreen (to consume less power)
  5. Fix hard line breaks (hyphenation) in "reflown" PDFs
  6. Right to left support (Hebrew / Arabic)
  7. Justified text in EPUBs on older models (300/505/600)
  8. Support for MOBI files (just use Calibre to convert to EPUB!)
  9. Increasing max hits on dictionary search (hardcoded at 100)

Support for other Sony ebook readers

Currently supported models: 300, 350, 505, 600, 650, 950.
There are no plans to support 500 / 700 / 900.
Regarding T1, we would like to support it. Note that it would not be a port, since platform has changed from Kinoma's proprietary, to Android.

Comment by project member, May 3, 2011

Please post your comments in Official FEATURE REQUESTS thread

Comment by, Mar 3, 2012

Can you put Thai Language Please

Comment by, Apr 9, 2012

Could you expand on your comment:

"Regarding T1, we would like to support it. Note that it would not be a port, since platform has changed from Kinoma's proprietary, to Android."

That is, when would that be supported? Given it is Android, would it not be a huge task?

I'm in particularly interested in reading in Russian (in various formats, ePUB/txt/rtf etc). As well as reading an english-russian/russian-english dictioanary (translator in reality) would be extremely helpful to me. Any plans for those?

Comment by, Apr 30, 2012

Could you implement a screen contrast feature? I.e., to lighten/darken the foreground text against the background? On a 600 reader it would be improve readability in some conditions. Thank you.

Comment by, Aug 24, 2012

Hi, I really appreciate your hard work and dedication to this project. I recently acquired a PRS 350. Before learning about the PRS Plus project, I learned about, and installed, the ebookapplication PRS350FirmwareInstaller_1.11.1.809S. Then I tried out PRS Plus, and haven’t gone back! The main contributing reason was the fact that your firmware has a calendar, which was a deal-breaker for me, despite some of the pros of the other. But I do miss some of those options, and would very much like to see them implemented in PRS Plus. Some of the following “FS” come from having experienced that other firmware (but all in all, yours is still superior). Here is my wishlist.

● Allow user to read .doc and .chm files. I don’t know why, but I am unable to read these on my PRS 350. I thought these file-types were natively supported.

● Allow user to enable document hyphenation.

● Allow user to adjust pixels of top and side margins to a custom number.

● Allow user to adjust line spacing to custom number.

● Allow user to adjust font size to custom number.

● Allow user to change reading view to any font in the font directory.

● Tap font size letter in status bar to open “select font size” popup (when reading).

● Allow for counter-clockwise Orientation.

● Larger Sudoku numbers (both default and user-entered), as well as the option to enter multiple, temporary, superscript, numbers (a necessity for solving more difficult puzzles)

● On New Sudoku Puzzle, add option to allow user to specify exactly the number of clues to start out with, as an alternative to choosing difficulty level (I believe “Sudoku aficionados” agree that 17 starting numbers is the bare minimum).

● Perhaps allow user to download and play new Sudoku puzzles. (It seems like all that would be needed is for each square to have an assigned coordinate, and then add numbers and semicolons in a .dat file to create a new puzzle; but I don’t know anything about programming Readers.)

● Along these same lines, perhaps allow the user to save, and replay in the future, any Sudoku puzzle (each puzzle can have an assigned number).

● Make FreeCell? easier on the eyes (although I don’t know how that would be possible). Perhaps make it landscape oriented.

● Make chess board, men and pieces bigger to fill screen; make chess pieces more detailed; make chess program more difficult. (I prefer the look and challenge of the ebookapplication chess game.) Better yet, allow user to resize chess board, and even choose from Staunton or Newsprint men/pieces. Allow blitz play, or timed games.

● Add the game Tic-Tac-Chec. It’s a combination of chess and tic-tac-toe. It’s played on a 4x4 grid, with 2 players, alternating turns. The object is to be the first to get your four colored chessmen in a row: rank, file, or diagonally. When the pieces are on the board, they move as chessmen move in chess. When one is captured, it is returned to its player, and on the player’s move, he has the option of moving a chessman already on the board, or adding a new one into play.

● Add the game Pente. It’s very similar to 5 In A Row, except if you surround two adjacent pieces belonging to your opponent, you remove them. If you collect 5 such pairs, you win. Or if you get 5 in a row first, you win.

● Add the game Go.

● Add the Game of Marienbad. Its principle for strategy and winning is based on the old game “Nim.” It starts out with a blank, 4x4 grid (like tic-tac-toe’s 3x3 grid). (Online versions often set up the board in the shape of a triangle, such as here: Players take alternating turns. Each player “fill in” or “checks off” one, two, three, or four adjacent squares in a row, either horizontally or vertically, beginning and ending wherever they like (no turns or diagonals). The player to “fill in” or “check off” the final square is the loser.

● Add instructions for all games; allow user to increase font size of instructions.

● In Calendar, the plus and minus sign gets old real fast if you have to go to a date far from the present. Please allow user to click on Year? or Month? to enter specific number/month (as in Windows Vista computer calendar).

● Add the ability for the user to add/customize icons in Calendar (add a tooth-icon for a dentist appointment, or a candle-icon for a dining engagement, etc.).

● Add an option where a little notification icon (visual alarm) will flash (for a predetermined length of time, or every few minutes) if an important event on the calendar comes up on that day.

● Allow user to switch Calculator between scientific and basic modes (as in Windows Vista “calc”).

● In Shutdown options, if set to display Calendar, allow user to opt-out of displaying the upcoming Events box beneath the calendar (for privacy reasons).

● Allow the user to password-protect their Reader, so that when they turn it on, they must first enter a password/passnumber before accessing the reader (in case the reader gets in the “wrong” hands – some of the notes, or calendar events, may be private). Perhaps you could just password-protect certain handwritten notes, or calendar events.

● Allow the option of displaying the clock (in analog or digital) on the screen during standby mode (or even after being shut down). Granted, this may drain the battery if left that way all day, but still, it’s a nice option for short periods.

● Allow user to rename any book’s filename.

Comment by, Aug 6, 2013

Does anyone have an update on this project? I have a Sony PRS-505 with 2.1.01 from Feb 2012. It adds nicely to the stock op sys from Sony, but seems to have come to a dead stop. In Dec 2012 a new 2.1.02 was released for some models, and since then nothing! Is there anybody still out there? Barrie Kenyon

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