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  ID Type  Status  Priority  FixedIn  Owner    Summary + Labels ...
  41 Enhancement Accepted Low ----   Allow the usage of an installed gtest instead of the bundled one, make the compilation of the unittests conditional  
  60 Enhancement New Low ----   Support static values in .proto files  
  61 Enhancement New Low ----   RepeatedFieldBuilder  
  62 Enhancement New Low ----   Message numeric key  
  82 Enhancement New Low ---- ----   Add JSON serialization support  
  147 Enhancement Accepted Low ----   Enhancement: Line/column numbers in descriptor protos  
  148 Enhancement Accepted Medium ----   RFE: Support Documentation option in proto files and javadoc in generated Java files  
  210 Enhancement Accepted Low ----   Java code should detect incompatible runtime library version  
  226 Enhancement New Medium ----   Python API doesn't support reading/writing delimited messages  
  243 Enhancement Accepted Low ----   Improve mergeDelimitedFrom in the java Impl to setSizeLimit on the CodedInputStream  
  247 Enhancement Accepted Medium ----   Ability to redirect file output to stdout  
  263 Enhancement New Low ----   Proto parser for Java  
  269 Enhancement New Low ---- ----   Would like to have byte or int8 type for the message definition  
  299 Enhancement New Medium ----   Native map encoding missing or needs howto eample  
  322 Enhancement New Low ----   Add support for parsing text files that contain a BOM, or UTF preamble for protoc.exe input  
  360 Enhancement New Low ----   Precompiled header support  
  364 Enhancement New Low ----   Make static serialization and deserialization of messages in java  
  380 Enhancement New Medium ----   Better project files for VS  
  381 Enhancement New Medium ----   Do not use heap where stack can be used  
  399 Enhancement New Low ----   Add support for using batch files to wrap plugins on Windows  
  409 Enhancement New Low ----   protocol message fields with Java reserved words not always compiled correctly  
  447 Enhancement New Low ----   No C++11 move constructors  
  460 Enhancement New Low ----   Add isDefault() to Java Message interface as a fast means to verify whether it is a default instance  
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