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  185 Defect New Medium ----   java package doesn't contains compiler/plugin.proto generated classes.  
  187 Defect New Medium ----   Command-line argument to override the "optimize_for" option  
  203 Defect New Medium ----   mvn install ordering dependency  
  206 Defect New Medium ----   Python: possible to set invalid enum value  
  210 Enhancement Accepted Low ----   Java code should detect incompatible runtime library version  
  214 Defect NeedPatchFromUser Medium ----   Incorrect generic type parameters in java runtime  
  248 Defect Accepted Low ----   protobuf will not compile without thread library  
  251 Defect New Medium ----   Suggestion for performance improvement with Python  
  252 Defect New Medium ----   Syntax coloring doesn't work with emacs 23.1.1  
  264 Defect Accepted Medium ----   [Python] output difference between cpp & pure python  
  266 Defect Accepted Medium ----   Protoc generates unused variable in Java for protobuf with single repeated field  
  290 Defect NeedPatchFromUser Medium ----   Cannot compile Google Protocol Buffers on z/OS  
  299 Enhancement Accepted Medium ----   Native map encoding missing or needs howto eample  
  320 Defect Accepted Medium ----   Patch so sdist works  
  321 Defect Accepted Medium ----   Remove final on AbstractMessage.toString  
  322 Enhancement New Low ----   Add support for parsing text files that contain a BOM, or UTF preamble for protoc.exe input  
  328 Defect New Medium ----   C++ GzipInputStream does not BackUp unused bytes of the underlying stream  
  331 Defect New Medium ----   Message interface incorrectly annotates methods as being overridden  
  337 Defect New Medium ----   explicit reference to old python2.4  
  338 Defect New Medium ----   google package name conflict between google-apputils-python and protobuf  
  341 Defect Accepted Medium ----   proposed optimization for parsing of packed repeated fields  
  343 Defect New Medium ----   Document logging for the C++ API  
  350 Defect Accepted Medium ----   FAIL: testPrintAllExtensions while running for protobuf: python test  
  355 Defect New Medium ----   SerializeToString question  
  359 Defect Accepted Low ----   Incorrect path check when ends with backslah  
  370 Defect New Medium ----   static initialization problem with dlopen  
  380 Enhancement New Medium ----   Better project files for VS  
  385 Defect NeedPatchFromUser Medium ----   make install does not use INSTALL_PREFIX  
  396 Patch New ---- ---- ----   Remove dependency on setuputils to declare namespace  
  399 Enhancement New Low ----   Add support for using batch files to wrap plugins on Windows  
  409 Enhancement New Low ----   protocol message fields with Java reserved words not always compiled correctly  
  432 Defect Accepted Medium ----   descriptor.proto should be bundled in the Jar distribution of the protobuf library  
  448 Defect Accepted Medium ----   failed to build x64 in vs2008  
  451 Defect New Medium ----   Make SingleFieldBuilder truly extendable.  
  454 Defect New Medium ----   Python API parallel read access is not thread safe when repeated fields are empty  
  458 Defect New Medium ----   Remove clone() from all interfaces, it is wrong; make them extend Cloneable, instead.  
  459 Defect Accepted Medium ----   Wildcard input path for proto files does not work when built with Visual Studio  
  460 Enhancement New Low ----   Add isDefault() to Java Message interface as a fast means to verify whether it is a default instance  
  461 Defect New Medium ----   segfault in google::protobuf::ShutdownProtobufLibrary() ( when having protobuf statically linked in executable and used within shared object loaded via dlopen  
  464 Defect New Medium ----   Inefficient Java handling of repeated list of primitive types  
  467 Defect New Medium ----   options passing as argument for the protoc command  
  476 Defect Accepted Medium ----   Officially support Maven protoc plugin  
  480 Task Accepted Medium ----   Make binary package available for OSX  
  485 Patch Accepted Medium ----   ByteString should be Serializable  
  494 Defect Accepted Medium ----   In Python API google.protobuf.text_format.Merge() fails if ``text'' param contains semicolon(s).  
  498 Defect New Medium ----   "mvn -P lite install" installs under default profile, not lite.  
  501 Defect New Medium ----   Generated Java code exceeds code size limit due to repetitive adding to ExtensionRegistry  
  502 Defect Accepted Medium ----   protoc generated Java code has numerous javadoc warnings  
  504 Defect New Medium ----   typo in file, line 623  
  509 Defect New Medium ----   import public generates wrong python code  
  515 Defect New Medium ----   More intelligent enums  
  518 Defect New Medium ----   Eclipse compiler reports warnings on the generated java Proto classes  
  520 Defect New Medium ----   protobuf make check errors (4/875)  
  521 Defect New Medium ----   [Patch] Fix short repeated format parsing error for protobuf-2.5.0-python  
  523 Defect New Medium ----   Python install --preifx doesn't work  
  524 Defect New Medium ----   Host archiecture not detected as supported by protobuf  
  526 Defect Accepted Medium ----   Protocol compiler doesn't issue an meaningful error message when two custom options use the same extension field number.  
  527 Defect New Medium ----   C++: Descriptor is set to null when loading more than one file.  
  528 Defect New Medium ----   cross compilaton to MIPS for protobuf fails  
  529 Defect New Medium ----   create google/protobuf/compiler/  
  530 Defect New Medium ----   On protobuf 2.4.1, make check fails on AIX because symbols are not found  
  533 Defect New Medium ----   Inconsistent NaN serialization in pthyon  
  534 Patch Accepted Medium ----   Speed up readRawVarint32 by >30%  
  535 Defect New Medium ----   Rebuild doesn't complete  
  536 Defect New Medium ----   Is there any open webservice / REST API that supports protobuf somewhere on the web  
  537 Defect New Medium ----   GetErrno() constness  
  543 Defect New Medium ----   Unable to compile 2.5.0 on Debian  
  544 Defect New Medium ----   C++ headers use unqualified (=potentially ambiguous) names from std namespace  
  547 Defect New Medium ----   Chocolatey package for automating protobuf installation  
  548 Defect New Medium ----   Libraries deletes at next project build.  
  549 Defect New Medium ----   Cannot install to anywhere except /usr/local/lib  
  552 Defect New Medium ---- ----   PC-Lint accusing errors in atomicops.h and type_traits.h  
  553 Defect New Medium ---- ----   Protobuf for java: Exception Handling in 2.5.0 is broken  
  555 Defect New Medium ---- ----   win8 system can't install protoc-2.5.0-win32 exe  
  556 Defect New Medium ----   Unable to cross-compile for i686-w64-mingw32 with Cygwin  
  557 Defect New Medium ----   2.5.0 unit tests fail to build with gcc47  
  558 Defect New Medium ---- ----   protoc crashes with -fsanitize=undefined  
  559 Defect Accepted Medium ----   performance enhancement: use String#getBytes(Charset) instead of getBytes(String)  
  561 Defect New Medium ----   protobuf does not compile under Solaris 10  
  562 Defect New Medium ----   JDK 1.7 incompatibility  
  565 Defect New Medium ----   protobuf fails to build on sparc solaris  
  566 Defect New Medium ----   Support in generated Java code for @NonNullByDefault in package  
  567 Defect New Medium ----   Cannot build protobuf with C++11 support in Mac 10.8  
  569 Defect New Medium ----   Can anybody help me with installing protobuf-2.4.1 on AIX6.1 using compiler xlC 8.0 ?  
  570 Defect New Medium ---- ----   build 2.4.1 failed on mac os x 10.9  
  571 Defect New Medium ----   Error: Java exception occurred: Software caused connection abort: recv failed  
  572 Defect New Medium ---- ----   Enum field names are not sanitized for reserved word collision  
  574 Defect New Medium ----   generated header function ::mutable_<string item> attempts to initialize by dereferencing an uninitialized default  
  575 Defect New Medium ----   Google Protobuf will not build under ARM64  
  577 Defect New Medium ----   too strict check on .proto file path in  
  578 Patch New ---- ---- ----   Patch for /trunk/java/src/main/java/com/google/protobuf/  
  579 Defect New Medium ----   Java code fails to compile with error "code too large"  
  580 Defect New Medium ----   On linking protocol buffer to another so file - Error occurs  
  581 Defect New Medium ---- ----   configure method the GPB in QNX installed in win32  
  582 Defect New Medium ----   package name evaluated as enum instance  
  583 Defect New Medium ---- ----   Unsuccesfull compilation for android  
  584 Defect New Medium ---- ----   Add option for jsr305 annotations in Java generated code  
  585 Defect New Medium ----   No support compile for Windows Phone 8  
  586 Defect New Medium ----   It could be cool if there are functions that parse msg from (serialize to) a bunch of buffers.  
  587 Defect New Medium ----   Findbugs Issues with the Java Code  
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