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Updated Jul 16, 2012 by

Please follow these instructions to get and compile the source code:

  1. Download Eclipse "for RCP and RAP Developers"
  2. Get the latest version of Xtext and EMF SDK
  3. Get protobuf-dt source from the Git repo
  4. Create the folder "src-gen" in both projects and
  5. Go to project and navigate to the file GenerateProtobuf.mwe2 (in the package, in the src folder)
  6. Right-click GenerateProtobuf.mwe2 and select "Run As" > "MWE2 Workflow"

That will generate the Xtext-based infrastructure needed. Now the source code is complete, simply run the project as an "Eclipse Application."


Comment by, Mar 19, 2013

you gotta include slf4j library as well( I used Eclipse 4.3 ,, maybe it's the reason why)

you can download zip file from (I downloaded slf4j-1.7.4, the latest version)

Inside of the compressed file, there is slf4j-api-1.7.4.jar. If you include the file as a library of you can run GenerateProtobuf?.mwe2.

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