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  ID Type  Status  Priority  Milestone  Owner    Summary + Labels ...
  9 Task Started High ----   Add capability to hide "Compiler" preferences  
  32 Defect Started Medium ----   Mapping Xtext syntax errors to protoc ones.  
  73 Defect Started High ----   Rebuild project after changing protoc settings  
  100 Defect Accepted Medium Release-1.3.4   Ctrl+Left and Ctrl+Right keys should stop at underscore  
  101 Defect Accepted Medium Release-1.3.4   No builder for FileDescriptorSet proto  
  120 Defect Accepted Medium Release-1.3.4   Suggestion: Duplicate Enum Literal tag number should be a warning  
  132 Defect Accepted Medium Release-1.3.4   Auto format cause bad indent for comment  
  145 Defect New Medium ---- ----   Add new project nature for protobuf builder  
  149 Enhancement Accepted Medium Release-1.3.5   Feature request: Allow config protoc in relative path.  
  162 Defect More-Info-Requested Medium ---- ----   Integrate with eclipse color theme plugin  
  173 Enhancement Accepted Medium Release-1.3.5   Collapse imports in quick outline by default  
  180 Defect New Medium ---- ----   ImportPaths  
  199 Enhancement Accepted High Release-1.3.5   Add ability to navigate to proto element from generated C++ code  
  209 Defect Accepted Medium Release-1.3.5   Automatic field number insertion disrupts syntax coloring  
  225 Enhancement Accepted Medium Release-1.3.6   Feature request: code formatter customization  
  226 Defect Accepted Medium Release-1.3.4   Enable usage of Protobuf compiler plugins  
  232 Defect Accepted High Release-1.3.4   Would be nice to be able to disable plug-in for certain projects  
  235 Defect New Medium ---- ----   Source not generated when compiling in Eclipse on Windows  
  236 Defect New Medium ---- ----   Feature request: relative path for code output  
  237 Defect New Medium ---- ----   Does not handle spaces in Windows-style Path correctly  
  238 Defect New Medium ---- ----   Have an option to compile .protos whenever necessary  
  239 Defect New Medium ---- ----   Jsava code has numerous javadoc warnings  
  240 Defect New Medium ---- ----   Cannot update to Xtext 2.4.3 because supported version range only includes 2.4.2  
  241 Defect New Medium ---- ----   linked .proto files not compiled (again)  
  242 Defect New Medium ---- ----   Project-specific setting "Compile .proto files on save" does not work  
  243 Defect New Medium ---- ----   Cannot remove trailing whitespace  
  244 Defect New Medium ---- ----   Missing source files  
  245 Defect New Medium ---- ----   No quotes in command arguments  
  246 Defect New Medium ---- ----   Aggregate syntax for custom options should support semicolon as a separator  
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