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IRC to XMPP interface to allow IRC clients to connect to chatrooms
Stage-Alpha, Deprecated
Updated Jun 28, 2013 by

NOTE: Consider this module currently more of a fun experiment than a serious project for use in production. Note the 'alpha' tag and have fun!


Whether you like it or not, XMPP is the future, but that pesky IRC just won't go away :)

With this module you can set up a special host on your server to allow connections from IRC clients and bots. They are able to join XMPP chatrooms on a specified conference server.


In your config file put something similar to the following:

Component "" "ircd"
    conference_server = "" -- required
    listener_port = 7000

If you don't want your IRC users to have connectivity outside your server then there is no need for the hostnames you specify to be valid DNS entries.


The plugin stability, and/or serving compatibility with most of the IRC clients is yet to be determined.


This release requires the Verse client library as dependancy and Squish to meld it with the plugin.

Instructions (temporarily changed):

  • Clone the Squish repo and/or download the latest tip from it (in that case you'll have to decompress the tip zip/tarball)
  • In your Squish directory type make install
  • Back into your mod_ircd directory call squish with --verse=./verse/verse.lua
  • Move the mod_ircd.lua file to your prosody's plugins directory


0.6Doesn't work


  • Authentication
  • SSL
  • Many improvements to handling of IRC and XMPP
Comment by, Nov 7, 2012

When I installed this plugin, prosody stop logging events, logs only their own start-up

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