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Download PowerSDR v2.4.4 for Homemade SDR transceivers Jan 2013 Jan 2013 1.9 MB 9544  
Download setup_com0com_W7_x86_signed.exe Com0Com v3.0.0.0 W7 x86 (32bit) signed Nov 2012 Nov 2012 218 KB 2868  
Download setup_com0com_W7_x64_signed.exe Com0Com v3.0.0.0 W7 x64 (64bit) signed Nov 2012 Nov 2012 229 KB 11016  
Download DRM_Settings.pdf PowerSDR-IQ DRM Reception Settings Screen Mar 2010 390 KB 5877  
Download DRM_PowerSDR-IQ.pdf PowerSDR-IQ DRM Reception Mar 2010 1.1 MB 6420  
Download PowerSDR Setup.msi Preview version of the New and Improved (v2.x) PowerSDR-IQ (XP/Vista 32bit) support only for USBtoI2C with DG8SAQ and PE0FKO firmware, GUI skins are in . Tested ok in VistaSP2 and support for CW with Key/Paddles and PTT. Included keyer CWX tested ok. Jan 2010 2.5 MB 23612  
Download PowerSDR-IQ v1.12.20 Setup.msi PowerSDR-IQ v1.12.20 for XP Feb 2009 2.5 MB 16994  
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