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How to use postmarkup
Updated Feb 4, 2010 by willmcgugan


Postmarkup is a construction set for BBCode like parsers. It was designed to support customizable and plugin tags because requirements for BBCode vary depending on the application. There are shortcuts though for those who just want to use common tags.

Simple Usage

To use the basic set of tags just import and use the render_bbcode function. It takes a string containing your bbcode. If this string is not unicode then it is assumed to be 'ascii' unless you also supply an encoding parameter. It returns the bbcode rendered in to XHTML. Here's an example.

from postmarkup import render_bbcode
xhtml = render_bbcode("[b]For the lazy, use the render_bbcode function.[/b]")

This produces the following XHTML.

<strong>For the lazy, use the render_bbcode function.</strong>

Advance Usage

If you want to customize tag behaviour or create your own tags, you will need to create an instance of a PostMarkup object. You can do this directly, and add the tags you need, or call the create function to return a postmarkup instance with all the basic tags added. Postmarkup objects are callable, and take the same parameters as render_bbcode.

import postmarkup
my_postmarkup = postmarkup.create()
print my_postmarkup("[url][/url]")

To add new tags, derive a class from postmarkup.TagBase, and add it to a postmarkup object with the add_tag function.

See for details on implementing tags.


Postmarkup will output a unicode string if the input is a unicode string. Alternatively you can pass in a non-unicode string and the encoding. The following is an example of both methods.

from postmarkup import render_bbcode
render_bbcode(u"[i]A Unicode string[/i]")
render_bbcode("[i]A UTF-8 string encoded as an 8-bit string.[/i]", "UTF-8")

Syntax Highlighting

Postmarkup can syntax highlight the [code][/code] tag with Pygments. If you use syntax highlighting you will need code.css from Downloads.

Comment by, Aug 2, 2008

code?b?YAY. I'll be using this in my forum software[/b][/code]

Comment by nathangrubb, Aug 15, 2008

Why did I assume you could use bbcode in this form :|

Comment by, Aug 29, 2008

He probably couldn't even if he wanted to.. google code you know..

Comment by, Feb 28, 2009

but u can use wiki markup if you wanted to :) --- Cheers

Comment by, Sep 8, 2009

im having problems with str() after render_bbcode

val=str(val) UnicodeEncodeError?: 'ascii' codec can't encode characters in position 154-155: ordinal not in range(128)

Comment by, Apr 16, 2013


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