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Issue 142: API-file based autocomplete and calltips
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Status:  Fixed
Owner:  ----
Closed:  Jun 2009

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Reported by, Aug 20, 2008
Since Notepad++ 5.x they got Calltips, basically little popup messages,
telling you what to enter (e.g.  int <number> ). This is really helpful and
i would like to have this for PN too. Because even if you don't know a
certain function, enter a few letters and auto-complete it, enter an
opening bracket and calltip shows up.

If the function has more than one parameter / argument, the active is
highlighted and you can keep track of what you enter.

Last but not least, a calltip shows a desciption or summary of the function
(see attached image).

M$ Visual Studio's IntelliSense has uber calltps: you can browse through to
all overloaded functions using the arrow keys on your keyboard. Each has
it's own parameter list and maybe a slighly different summary.
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Aug 20, 2008
N++ uses XML for their calltips / autocomplete:
Aug 27, 2008
Project Member #2 simon.steele
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Labels: Type-Enhancement
Sep 1, 2008
IntelliSense of Visual Studio 2008 (C# Express Edition):
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Apr 28, 2009
Garfield-991 also suggested that SciTE supports this (with a custom options file and
dwnloaded API).

Firstly go to:
and download:
1. php.api for PHP 4.3.3
2. PHP properties
3. PHP functions
Then open SciTE, menu Options > Open User Options File and paste in the code from:

It would be greate if PN would support this.
May 4, 2009
Project Member #5 simon.steele
I've started work on this now, I had autocomplete working from the Notepad++ XML 
PHP api file earlier tonight. I need to do some generalisation of that code now, 
but it'll be there for the next release!
Summary: API-file based autocomplete and calltips
Status: Started
Labels: Milestone-Dizzy
Jun 8, 2009
Project Member #6 simon.steele
Done supporting the Notepad++ API format
Status: Fixed
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