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Issue 24: Update Notifications - Star this issue to be notified of updates
190 people starred this issue and may be notified of changes. Back to list
Status:  Accepted
Owner:  eionrobb

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Reported by, Jun 1, 2008
Is it possible for some sort of notification channel to be made available
to allow users to know when a new version of the plugin is available? 

Suggestions include using either a mailing list or something built into the
actual plugin.
Jun 5, 2008
Project Member #5 eionrobb
Ok, I'll make an effort to post to this issue when there are updates. Everyone who 
stars this issue should be emailed when there's an update
Summary: Update Notifications - Star this issue to be notified of updates
Status: Accepted
Jun 11, 2008
Project Member #6 eionrobb
Ok, v1.14 is out.

No huge changes, check out the changelog to see more info
Jun 12, 2008
Project Member #7 eionrobb
Version 1.15 is available for download.

Should hopefully fix some issues people had with proxies and some login/logout 
Jun 15, 2008
Project Member #8 eionrobb
v1.16 is out

Download from:
Changelog at:
Labels: -Type-Defect Type-Enhancement OpSys-All
Jun 19, 2008
Project Member #10 eionrobb
Version 1.17 is available for download

A few minor bugfixes while I try and sort out the windows lag problem

Download from:
Changelog at:
Jun 19, 2008
Project Member #11 eionrobb
If you just grabbed 1.17, you want 1.18 just a quick bugfix. Sorry for the spam :) 
Jun 20, 2008
Project Member #12 eionrobb
Version 1.19 is out for Windows users to fix up that nasty UI freeze problem
Jun 22, 2008
Project Member #13 eionrobb
v1.20 is out with some fixes for crash on logout
Jun 24, 2008
Project Member #14 eionrobb
v1.21 is available and will check your Facebook inbox for messages :)
Jun 24, 2008
Project Member #15 eionrobb
Another quick update, v1.22 fixes up that annoying bug of receiving the same 
notification over and over
This one also sets your local alias for your account if you havn't set it yet
Jun 25, 2008
Project Member #16 eionrobb
Third update in 24 hours
1.23 is out.  You can search for friends directly from Pidgin now :)
Accounts->Facebook Chat->Search for friends...
Jun 27, 2008
Project Member #17 eionrobb
1.24 automatically tries to resend a message if it doesn't get through, so there 
should be no more "error sending message: buddy is offline" messages
Jun 29, 2008
Project Member #18 eionrobb
v1.25 has some minor changes, like auto reconnecting and a proxy fix
Jun 30, 2008
Project Member #19 eionrobb
v1.26 is out with a couple of minor security fixes and message formatting changes, 
it'll also let you log in if you have funny characters in your password (like + for 
Jul 2, 2008
Project Member #20 eionrobb
v1.27 cleans up the get info screen and hides yourself by default
Jul 8, 2008
Project Member #21 eionrobb
v1.28 is available to download, with a fair few minor fixes that will make your 
overall Facebook experience better :)
Jul 14, 2008
Project Member #22 eionrobb
v1.29 is out and fixes a really annoying crash
Jul 23, 2008
Project Member #23 eionrobb
v1.30 is out and hopefully fixes the issues that people who are testing the site out

From the changelog:
Fix for those people using - edit the Facebook account, and set the 
Host to "" (without the quotes), in the Advanced section

Get it here:
Jul 30, 2008
Project Member #24 eionrobb
v1.31 fixes the Get Info screen for those who are using the new Facebook layout.

Also, if you are using the new layout, you might have better luck with setting the 
host to "" (with the www in front)
Aug 5, 2008
Project Member #25 eionrobb
v1.32 makes using the new Facebook layout less hastle (it sets the Host to for you) and it also cleans up the yucky links in the Get Info 
screen for new layout users.  Oh yeah, a few stability fixes too.

Go grab it! :)

Also, feel free to say your thanks at
Aug 12, 2008
Project Member #26 eionrobb
v1.33 is out with some big changes that make the plugin way more stable and use less 
memory.  For windows users, this means less crashes when using the new Facebook 

Download from:

As always when updating, please check that you don't have an old version of the 
plugin lying around in your Pidgin plugins directory.
Aug 14, 2008
Project Member #27 eionrobb
v1.34 is a minor update that will let the plugin receive messages from people using 
the iPhone Facebook app

Not a hugely important update, but if you have friends who have an iPhone, this will 
let you chat with them :)

Download from:
Aug 17, 2008
Project Member #28 eionrobb
v1.35 fixes a few different crashes in the plugin and updates buddy status messages 
in the buddy list

Download from:

If you're impressed with how quickly bugs are fixed, perhaps you'll consider 
donating some money for my hard work
Oct 3, 2008
Project Member #29 eionrobb
v1.36 fixes an annoying startup crash and the "get info" and "buddy search" screens.

Download from:


As always, if you feel like saying thanks with a bit of cash:
Oct 5, 2008
Project Member #30 eionrobb
Someone at Facebook was being cheeky and changed their protocol a little, which was 
causing some people to receive an error message of "lol" or "Test" when sending a 

v1.37 fixes this problem.  Doesn't do much else :)

Download from:
Oct 26, 2008
Project Member #32 eionrobb
v1.38 of the plugin is now available.  It removes some crashes and saves some 

More details of the changes at:

Download from:

Reward me for my work:

Nov 26, 2008
Project Member #33 eionrobb
v1.39 of the Facebook Chat plugin is out.
There's some fixes for important bugs, and the large buddy icons come back.

More details of the changes at:

Download from:

From now we'll stop working on Features and start working heavily on Stability.  
With that in mind, I'd like to welcome Mark "KingAnt" Doliner and Casey Ho.  Mark 
will be working on more stable code and Casey has been triaging bugs in the Issues.

Hopefully, the next release of the plugin should be crash-free :)
Dec 2, 2008
Project Member #35 eionrobb
So thanks to the fantastic efforts of Mark and Casey, v1.40 is now available for 
download.  They've fixed most of the crashes and made the plugin really really 

Go download v1.40 from
Dec 2, 2008
Project Member #36 eionrobb
v1.41 is out, hot on the heels of version 1.40... two releases in one day.

The only real reason for this update is to address a couple of minor bugs and some 
annoying crashes.  That should be all of them.
Also new to the table is an RSS feed at
svn/trunk/rss.xml .  I'll keep updating the issue, so that you can still be kept up-
to-date by email, but now you have another option.

From now on, the minimum version of Pidgin you'll need is 2.3.0.  Also, the source 
package has changed slightly, so if you've got any automated build scripts you might 
want to update them.

Go download v1.41 from:
Dec 8, 2008
Project Member #37 eionrobb
v1.43 is available for download.

It fixes 2 major crashes, and the status message now updates properly.  Also, 
the .deb package should work for Finch or libpurple installs now, and not just 

Go get v1.43 from:

Send us developers some hard-earned love at:

RSS Feed:
Dec 11, 2008
Project Member #38 eionrobb
v1.44 fixes a couple of crashes, so you'll want to download this if you're having 
Go get v1.44 from:
Dec 19, 2008
Project Member #39 eionrobb
v1.45 fixes some more crashes and fixes some memory leaks
Go get v1.45 from:
Dec 29, 2008
Project Member #40 eionrobb
v1.46 is out, and for once we didn't have any crashes to fix :)

We've added support for Pokes, we've made the idle/away stuff work properly, the 
buddy icons are larger for everyone, and aliases work better on buddies.

Just a bit of news: this Facebook plugin is now in Meebo, thanks to Mark Doliner 
from Meebo who is a "Project Member" of this plugin.  Also, Casey Ho (who has been 
doing a fantastic job of triaging issues) has been promoted to "Project Owner" so 
that he can mess around with the page a bit.

I just wanted to say a big public thanks to both these people for their hard work.  
This plugin gets thousands of downloads and it's so exciting for me to see the 
plugin in Meebo so that thousands more people can enjoy the plugin :)

Without futher ado, grab v1.46 of the plugin from:
Dec 30, 2008
Project Member #41 eionrobb
v1.47 Gets rid of the "(via Pidgin)" but when setting status message and fixes some 
rare crashes

Download v1.47 of the plugin from:
Apr 12, 2009
Project Member #42 eionrobb
So its been a while since the last version so I've bumped it up to v1.50.

This version should (hopefully) fix the bandwidth issues that people are having, as 
well as a crash-on-quit issue.                      

Oh, and some people may be interested to try setting their status to 'idle' when 
they set their status to 'away'.  Maybe.  Haven't tried it :)

Download v1.50 of the plugin from:<br/>
Jun 12, 2009
Project Member #44 eionrobb
Version 1.51 of the pidgin-facebookchat plugin is available for download.

Download (as usual) from:

A list of the changes to the plugin is at:

If you're a package maintainer, you'll want to look at my blog post:
(Shameless plug)

And of course, if you like this plugin feel free to leave a comment or donation at
Jun 21, 2009
Project Member #45 eionrobb
Just uploaded version 1.52 which fixes an annoying crash sometimes.  Don't forget to 
download 2.5.7 of Pidgin while you're at it

Download pidgin-facebookchat from:
Jun 29, 2009
Project Member #46 eionrobb
Pidgin 2.5.8 is available and so is 1.53 of pidgin-facebookchat.

We've fixed some important things such as no more missing messages, and buddy names 
working.  You can see all the neat things we've done at:

Thank you all for using the plugin!  If you feel like helping me pay for my fiancées 
$300/month medication bills I'd really appreciate a donation.  Even one or two 
dollars can go a long way.  You can donate at:

Otherwise, go grab the update from the usual place:
Jul 6, 2009
Project Member #47 eionrobb
We've put out v1.54 of the pidgin-facebookchat plugin.

It's got a big fix for 64-bit Linux people as well as a couple of other little 

Jul 17, 2009
Project Member #48 eionrobb
Hi all, sorry for the recent weirdness with the plugin.  v1.60 is out which 
addresses the major bit of these problems.
Sep 7, 2009
Project Member #49 eionrobb
Against all odds, I've just put out a new version 1.61 of the plugin.  It should fix 
up the problems with messages arriving from weird numbers, but it also now requires 
version 0.7.6 of json-glib to work.  It might or might not also have the option to 
disable friends lists, depending on who you ask :)

Nov 3, 2009
Project Member #50 eionrobb
Some of you fancy people might have noticed that the plugin hasn't been doing too 
well over the last few hours.
Fortunately, I've been hard at work to quickly push out a new version.

Grab it from
while it's still hot
Nov 13, 2009
Project Member #51 eionrobb
Just pushed out v1.63 which fixes up a few of the little annoying things that didn't 
work since the last update.
Status messages are back, inbox notifications are back, friend accept/reject/add is 

Download as usual from
Dec 3, 2009
Project Member #52 eionrobb
I've just dropped v1.64 out for download at

It fixes up some really annoying things like buddy icons not working and some 
strange status message stuffs.

Feb 25, 2010
Project Member #53 eionrobb
Hi all.  Been a wee while since the last version of the plugin.  This version has a 
fix for newer buddy icons being too small, and also downloads all your offline 
buddies as well as your online ones.
Download from usual place

Also, in case you haven't heard, Facebook has come out with an XMPP interface (so 
you don't *have* to use this plugin to connect to FB anymore).  I'm currently 
working on rewriting a new, more stable version 2.0 of the plugin, which will use 
XMPP, while filling in some of the gaps of features that you're all used to by now :)
May 31, 2010
Project Member #54 eionrobb
I've just pushed out what will hopefully be the last of the 1.x series of the plugin.  
Fixes a crash-on-connect and the status messages.
Download from

Thanks all for your patience while I get v2.0 of the plugin sorted
May 31, 2010
Project Member #56 eionrobb
Just wanted to squeeze out one more quick change to the plugin.  It now works with the 
new 'Account Security'/'device login'/'register your computer' thing.

Download v1.67 from

(Please don't post comments in this thread :) )
Oct 9, 2010
Project Member #57 eionrobb
Hi all.  Facebook released a new feature to be able to have group chats with more than one person at a time so I felt it was time to update the plugin.  I've made some attempts to port the plugin to use the new XMPP stuff but it hasn't eventuated into anything yet.

Enough rambling from me, and download v1.68 from

Nov 27, 2010
Project Member #59 eionrobb
Updated to fix the recent problems of the buddy list not showing.
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