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Issue 31: Bleeding-edge WebKit
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Status:  Migrated
Closed:  Mar 2013

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Project Member Reported by, Jan 28, 2011
With QtWebKit being separated from Qt, it makes sense to include a copy of WebKit code into the source tree. That way, it is possible to build PhantomJS with a much more up-to-date/recent version of WebKit.
Jan 29, 2011
#1 curiousdannii
Maybe instead of including it directly in git, add an action to the makefile to download the source.
Jan 29, 2011
Project Member #2
The advantage of including it directly is to simplify the build, this is because several pregenerated files can be included (same as how WebKit in included in Qt source tree).

Fetching the source at build time, applying patches (if any), and building WebKit there would require more dependencies (

Maybe we can do a hybrid solution: the plain WebKit sources are fetched from the official repository (particular stable revision) and the generated files are included in PhantomJS repository in case they are optionally needed at build time.
Apr 7, 2011
Yes, this will also allow us to include patches from chrome webkit build (like --disable-web-security)
May 24, 2011
May 25, 2011
Project Member #5
Postpone after 1.2 since there are enough big changes in 1.2 already.
Labels: -Milestone-Release1.2 Milestone-FutureRelease
Jun 15, 2011
One thing too keep in mind is the size of the WebKit source tree. It's huge! That may make it unpleasant for people cloning for the first time. But your milage may vary depending on bandwidth and how many commits from the WebKit tree you keep.
Jun 27, 2011
Project Member #7
WebKit source tree is huge because it contains tons of layout tests. We only need to most absolute minimal source files needed to build the library.

OTOH, I expect this is to be a snapshot import, probably only once a while. There is no need to merge every single revision. Thus, the growing of the repository size can be controlled.
Aug 22, 2011
Project Member #8
Actually, I was playing with the idea to include Qt as well. Of course, only the minimal configuration (i.e. no GraphicsView). This way, it's a matter of building everytime at once.

It would be useful for those who want to build from source, or put it in a cloud platform.

The challenge here is to find the most minimalistic sources possible so that we don't grow astronomically.
Sep 8, 2011
Project Member #9
For including Qt, see the new  issue 226 .
Mar 14, 2012
Project Member #10
(No comment was entered for this change.)
Blocking: -6
Mar 23, 2012
Project Member #11

 issue 448 : Investigate the move to Qt 5
Mar 26, 2012
The following patches can be used to build against the system-wide Qt and QtWebKit. This builds fine against QtWebKit 2.2.1 and works fine.

Note that patch 0001 simply removed the src/qt dir, but it is too big to attach here
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552 bytes   View   Download
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Mar 26, 2012
Project Member #13
There is no plan to switch to use system-wide Qt and QtWebKit, that's just reverting the effort put into importing Qt!

See  issue 226  for details and the mailing-list for the discussion.
May 23, 2012
Several QtWebKit font bugs are really a show-stopper for me right now, but seem to be solved in most recent QtWebKit versions (, so it's not just about bleeding-edge feature support but also bleeding-edge bug fixes :).
Jun 1, 2012
Now can we compile the phantomjs with the bleeding-edge qt-webkit?
Sep 23, 2012
Wondering if this issue is still intended for a future release, we'd love to see up to date Qt support.
Sep 23, 2012
Project Member #17
Yes, it is still intended for a future release.
Oct 23, 2012
Hi Ariya,

First, thanks for the awesome work on PhantomJS and Esprima.

I'm testing something new that only uses ES5 features, like .bind. Can you give me an idea if this will be included in the next release and if you have an ETA (before the end of the year or first quarter 2013).


Juan Pinzon
Oct 23, 2012
Project Member #19
Juan, the answer for your question is "I don't know".
Nov 14, 2012
Hi Ariya, thanks for keeping an eye on this issue and your heroic work on PhantomJS. 

What does that blog post mean? I'm not very familiar with Qt project.

I started a small toy project, it depends on PhantomJS and latest webkit API "DOM Mutation Observers":

Missing mutation observers in current PhantomJS is the only thing which holds me back. I look forward to see updated webkit in PhantomJS. Thanks.
Dec 10, 2012
Is there anything we, the community, can do to help see a more recent version of Webkit in PhantomJS more quickly? I'm personally getting bit by lack of Function.prototype.bind, and  Issue #522  is waiting on this issue for its resolution as well.
Dec 11, 2012
Project Member #23
It's not going to happen for 1.8, see
Jan 16, 2013
Getting SVG crashes on Mac OSX. This would really help! Thanks for your great work Ariya.
Feb 15, 2013
Project Member #25
Some latest development information:
Mar 15, 2013
Project Member #26
Closing. This issue has been moved to GitHub:
Status: Migrated
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