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Issue 243: Reference queries lose results after server restart
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Status:  New
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Reported by, Sep 8, 2009
To Reproduce:

1. Create two class definitions:

2. POST/Create several empty instances of "Test".

3. POST/Create an empty instance of "Foo".

4. PUT/Update the "Test" instances with a "foo" reference property.
PUT /Test/1

PUT /Test/2

5. Query for all the Test instances that reference /Foo/1
GET /Test/[?foo=/Foo/1]

6. Results should be correct.

7. Restart the persevere server.

8. Re-issue the query:
GET /Test/[?foo=/Foo/1]

9. The result set is empty, even though /Test/ shows that the Test
instances have the reference to /Foo/1.

Persevere Version: trunk r601
OS: OSX 10.6

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