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A list of projects that use or bundle Pellet
Updated Feb 4, 2010 by bparsia

OWL Editors

  • Swoop has Pellet bundled and probably has the best exposure of Pellet features
  • Protege 4
    • I'm not sure that New Protege has Pellet bundled yet, but its support is much better than before.
  • TopBraid Composer
    • This is a commercial tool which, unlike Swoop or Protege, is not open source. But it bundles Pellet as its DL reasoner.

Web Services Tools

One reason for the development of Pellet was to use for Semantic Web Services based on OWL-S.

Experimental Reasoners

People have used Pellet as a basis for investigating extensions to OWL.


APIs and Misc Toolkits

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