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Instructions on building/compiling PeerBlock.
Updated May 8, 2010 by

This page is obsolete!

Please visit our updated Building PeerBlock page instead.

Comment by, Nov 8, 2009


Note that the Win32 Debug and Debug (Vista) builds aren't working yet, so if you try to build those but it fails it's probably not your fault

Comment by project member nightstalkerz, Jan 2, 2010

PB_WINDDK should be renamed to PB_DDK_DIR since that's what we use.

Comment by, Feb 8, 2010

The Windows Vista 6.1 DDK is no longer available. Will version 7 compile?

Comment by project member nightstalkerz, Feb 8, 2010

The WinDDK 6.1 can be found at although you may need to register to download.

Version 7 should work.

Comment by, Feb 9, 2010

Thank you. I guess it should be changed to read WDK for Windows Server 2008 6001.18002

Comment by, Feb 9, 2010

Just confirming that WDK 6.1.6001.18002 IS needed. WDK 7 gives errors.

Comment by project member nightstalkerz, Feb 11, 2010

Do the errors look easy to fix?

Comment by, Feb 16, 2012

Hi folks, since my system copuldn't handle it: does anyone has a compiled 64 bit version?

Another thing: will there a a new version soon? And why no nightlies?

Comment by, Aug 18, 2013

will there a a new version soon?

Comment by, Feb 5, 2014

The page: is obsolete as well. The sln-file in the svn is for VS 2012, but not for 2008, so two VS-versions later. There is a File PeerBlock_VS2010.sln, so 2010 is the least I guess. But not 2008.

The file (PeerBlock.sln) in SVN-revision 664 comments (by Autor: XhmikosR) "Remove VS2008 support and make VS2012 the default. No one is using VS2008 for years from the team members."

So please update the outdated, obsolete website information.



Comment by, Apr 18, 2014

Yes as frank said,it's obsolete please update that, as i faced a lot of problem just to build it, still not have built, seems like vs 2010 is not able to build the 2010 soln.

Now going to install and see vs2012,will see if that works.If anyone has built any soln (in 2012 or 2010)(as would have), pls tell me all steps.

Comment by, Jun 15, 2014

Just an FYI, I could only find one place online that had that 6001.18002 WDK, so I grabbed it and put it up on in case anyone else needs it for this.

Although, even with that specific WDK version I still couldn't seem to get it to compile. Tried VS 2010, 2013, and that express 2008 one (Though that was with the latest SDK, haven't tried previous ones yet). Most of the errors I'm getting right now have to do with that 3rd party boost library (lockfree and the main one). First error is:

\peerblock\thirdparty\boost_lockfree\boost\lockfree\fifo.hpp(173): error C2143: syntax error : missing ';' before '<'

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