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Download the latest version

You can get the latest revision of Papervision3D from the SVN repository:

You must have a Subversion client installed before you can use it. Although you can theoretically download files without Subversion, this would mean tediously downloading each individual file manually.


On Windows, we recommend TortoiseSVN.

Once installed, create a folder where you want to put the source files, open the folder, right click (anywhere inside the folder) and select svn checkout. In the dialogue that pops up fill in the SVN URL.


On OS X, we recommend SVNX.

This gives you a pleasant GUI where you can set up Repositories, connect to them, and simply drag

Comment by, Jan 10, 2009

use wget instead:)

Comment by, Jan 12, 2009

Verisons is much better than SVNX. Just sayin'.

Comment by, Jan 26, 2009

@laxcat: you mean Versions?

Comment by, Feb 6, 2009

I'm a big fan of Versions. Used SvnX for a while when I got my Macbook Pro, then switched over to Versions and never want to go back. I still miss the integration and feature support that TortoiseSVN.

Comment by, Feb 14, 2009

Hi everyone, I'm just having several errors since I don't know which is the up-to-day version on the SVN dir (I'm using as3 on cs4): Is it ".../svn/trunk/as3/trunk/src"? or.. ".../svn/trunk/branches/cs4/src"? one difference I found, is in the cameras folder. Any tip? thanks in advance

Comment by, Feb 14, 2009

Got it to work finally. This is the right one: /svn/trunk/as3/trunk/src/org/


Comment by, Mar 1, 2009

WHy do i need username and password?

Comment by, Mar 1, 2009

I don't know what my username and password is

Comment by, Mar 24, 2009

I cannot download code. Normally i use SVN Checkout, but with this project i receive the following error message,

Error: PROPFIND request failed on '/svn/trunk' Error: PROPFIND of '/svn/trunk': could not connect to server (

Can you help me?

Comment by, Jun 28, 2009

Can anyone respond as to why it seems impossible to get the source using these instructions or the others I've found? I'm on OSx Leopard. I create a directory, control-click it, open Subversion, and enter the source address as above, and click "checkout." No error messages, but nothing downloads either. Huh..????

Comment by, Sep 15, 2009

I am new to Augmented Reality and i use Mac Book to run this application. can anyone guide me how shall i make SVN talk to my Flash cs4 ? how do i get this thing running ? any tutorials available for begginers ?


Comment by, Dec 16, 2009

make sure that the folder where you drop the files is named exactly as the last folder in the SVN link. For example has to be droped into a folder named "trunk", otherwise it won't work.

Comment by, Apr 22, 2012

i can't instal SVN,i used windows xp pro2..can anyone guide me how to instal SVN in window xp pro2

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