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Documentation overview which lists articles about PaintWeb from several places.
Updated Oct 3, 2010 by mihai.sucan

One very important place for PaintWeb documentation is the API reference which is generated from the source code.

Wiki pages

On the Google Code wiki pages of this project you can find:

  • Integration - How to integrate PaintWeb into your project. This page includes details on how you can use the PaintWeb script, from the basics, up to the more advanced matter of handling image saving.
  • Extending PaintWeb - How you can extend PaintWeb: new extensions, tools, commands, keyboard shortcuts, application events and more.
  • TODO - Ideas for further work on PaintWeb. Read this if you are wondering what might be implemented in the future.

On other wiki servers you can find:

  • HTML canvas performance at the OLPC wiki - explains the main Canvas performance issue on the OLPC XO laptops, and the work-around implemented in PaintWeb.


Here are several tutorials published by Opera Software, which are strongly related to PaintWeb:

Other articles

Here's a list of other articles published about PaintWeb which detail technical aspects. These articles are not documentation per-se, but they provide details otherwise unknown.

  • Canvas text rendering. This article details the work I did on the text tool for PaintWeb, and the problems I got into with Opera and older Firefox versions.
  • PaintWeb packaging results. This article details the work I did on PaintWeb packaging - it provides the numbers of files and the numbers of kilobytes before and after packaging. It's worth to know why packaging is important.

Further documentation will become available.

Comment by, Dec 7, 2011

Is it possible to initialize few parameters by default. What i want to do is draw only hollow circles/rectangles (alpha=0). Another parameter i need to initialize is to select circle shape by default. Also I want to make color selection through code(drop-down options).

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