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# Semantic Similarity in OWL


The OWLTools project has moved to the @owlcollab on github, see owlcollab/owltools

This wiki page has moved here: Owl Sim on github

The following documentation may be out of date:


The OWLSim package provides the ability to do a number of standard semantic similarity methods and includes novel methods for combining these with dynamic selection of anonymous grouping classes.


Running from command line



Programmer Documentation


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  • Chen, C.-K., Mungall, C. J., Gkoutos, G. V., Doelken, S. C., Köhler, S., Ruef, B. J., Smith, C., et al. (2012). MouseFinder: Candidate disease genes from mouse phenotype data. Human mutation, 33(5), 858-66. doi:10.1002/humu.22051
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could explain more deeply, then what?

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comparisons between human and animal eyes turned out almost the same. Love you arbi.fani from Hardiyan Kesuma Ramadhan

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Noted for your notification. Thanks.

Bisnis ibu rumah tangga yang menguntungkan

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could explain more deeply,

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