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Issue 126: use MapDroyd offline maps for track display background
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Reported by, Apr 30, 2011
I have both this and MapDroyd installed. MapDroyd downloaded several maps for offline usage. It would be great if one could use them anywhere as background for gps track display, even if there is no data connection available.
Motorola Defy. 
May 1, 2011
Project Member #1

Thanks for the suggestion. I can see how it would be beneficial when you can see the sky but not a cell or WIFI tower. 

OSMTracker's map view uses a tile renderer produced by the guys who make OSMDroid ( This is a tile based renderer.

As far as I am aware, the MapDroyd maps are not tiles but compressed map data that allows the map to be generated dynamically on the device. The format used is called MicroMap (

To support this functionality, OSMTracker would need a new view capable of rendering that data. This would involve either writing a renderer (might take some time) or including a third party renderer (maybe MapDroyd have a library that can be embedded).

So, it's not impossible to support these maps, but it would require someone who was prepared to spend the time investigating the options and integrate it into OSMTracker. 

There might issues in relation to OSMTracker downloading the MapDroyd data so that may be something the need to be cleared also.

- Paul
May 17, 2011
Project Member #2

OSMDroid (the renderer used in OSMTracker) should be capable to use offline maps as well (currently not tested).

But you could have a look at issue#113 there is a link that explains how it should work. (if you have the time and motivation)

best regards
Oct 16, 2011
first thanks for this app. love it.
i also would be happy if there was a option for displaying offline osm map data.
im using osmand for displaying maps and navigate. maybe use this data?

Mar 18, 2012
Is it possible to add a dialog for change offline map data location?
I'm using osmand and it would be nice to use this data.
Sep 6, 2012
First of all OSM Tracker is an awesome app, so I am grateful for every feature it has right now.

The only missing thing for me is support for offline OSM maps (vector ones). So if this request "use MapDroyd offline maps for track display background" move to "use offline maps for track display background" (MapDroyd dropped) I am all for it.
Nov 25, 2012
#6 akkana
Another osmand user ... would be great to be able to share the offline vector data from that app. I use a tablet, not a phone, and in any case there's no data reception in most of the places where I make track logs (hiking trails and remote dirt roads).
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