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Issue 908: Feature: possibility to export offline recorded poi to contribute to osm
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Status:  WontFix
Owner:  ----
Closed:  Apr 2012

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Reported by schuschq, Feb 26, 2012
osmand was added the possibility to record points of interest offline during one of the last days--great! :-) 

A real good way for editing openstreetmap (for me): 

* making notes (pois) offline
* export them to something like a gpx-file (or at least a text files with notes and coordinates)
* import the gpx-file in josm
* edit and convert the notes to osm entities and
* save them to osm.

So, what is still needed for this: export the offline recorded pois to a gpx-file (or something readable like a text file).

Great work up to here, thanks!

Mar 19, 2012
Project Member #1
Uploading directly to osm is not enough?
Status: Discussing
Labels: -Type-Defect -Priority-Medium Type-Enhancement Priority-A6 Milestone-Cx-5
Mar 22, 2012
#3 schuschq
(thanks for making this an enhancement - I didn't find how to do this)

I don't use uploading directly at all, because I just make notes for later editing with this feature. 

There are several reasons for this

- you can't edit things very exact (touch screen related ...)
- you can't edit ways
- it's not easy to add different type of tags

So, during moving around, having to wait in a shop or at a traffic light for example, i can easily and fast add a node at a place with a short note. Something like "speed70" or "nr125" or whatever. With this node and the short information I can make an extended edit to osm at home. Especially if the buildings are in osm, it's very easy to add housenumbers by this. I couldn't add the housenumber to the polygon with osmand (and I don't want to, because of the difficult touch screen control)

By now, at home I go through the offline poi list and compare the mobile phone position to osm position (on my computer screen) by hand, add new information to osm and delete the point in offline poi list (until all poi are deleted). It would be nicer to have a gpx-file, which I could load in josm.

I'm using this a lot now :-)

Missing for the workflow

- showing the offline poi on the map - there should be a symbol for the poi (i'm really missing this one)

- clicking this offline poi symbol should give the possibility to edit the poi (would be a nice enhancement)

- export of the poi list to gpx-file

- creating a poi should not only open the window for this but also the onscreen keypad; this would shorten the worklow one more necessary touch (enhancement)

A suggestion at the end: shouldn't the offline poi list to be found at

 > settings > offline data > locally saved OSM points

(now at >settings > general settings > locally saved OSM points)

it took me a while to find the list ...
Apr 20, 2012
Project Member #4
I think you can use as it is now. 
-> Add waypoints to GPX (suggested)
-> Favorite Points
-> Local POI items (no export as I know)
Status: WontFix
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