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OpenWIG is an attempt to develop a j2me (java micro edition) mobile application (midlet) with same capabilities as Wherigo player.

It achieves this by implementing Lua extensions used in Wherigo source files.

Please, report bugs! I fix them, and often rather soon! But there is nothing worse than googling for "openwig" and reading "oh, so i tried it, but it didn't work with my cartridge, maybe next version" and not know what the problem is.

Prosím, všechny chyby hlašte! Já je pak opravuju, a většinou celkem rychle. Není nic horšího než dát do googlu "openwig" a najít "tak jsem to zkusil, ale nefungovalo to, no snad další verze" a netušit co je za problém.

OpenWIG is not in any way affiliated with Groundspeak Inc. And it's quite possible that Wherigo is a trademark of Groundspeak. I didn't check. But that's not the point anyway.

What's new

Version 0.4.3 was released. It incorporates many bugfixes collected over the last year. No particular new features are included, but many more cartridges should be playable now.

The OTA link is

How to install

see InstallationGuide

How to use

(coming soon)


The project source codes are released under GNU GPLv2.


Kahlua, a Lua virtual machine for J2ME - is the heart of OpenWIG

BLUElet, bluetooth device selection dialog (link is dead at the moment)

HandyGeocaching, geocacher's swiss army midlet - provided us with NMEA parser and a few utility navigation-related functions

Many thanks to Misch for decoding Wherigo-related formats and providing the GWC service

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