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What is opensocial-actionscript-client Library

The OpenSocial Actionscript 3.0 Client Library enables you to make an Actionscript/Flash/Flex application with the OpenSocial APIs. (See the blog). OpenSocial Containers are social networks such as Myspace, Orkut, Hi5,, netLog, Hyve, etc.

If you are wondering what OpenSocial is, you can take a look at or

This is the consolidated version of 2 existing libraries. The old homepage could be found here. The old project started at 2009/02/11 by Solomon Wu and Aaron Tong and experienced a very productive development through the whole Feb, Mar and April. This consolidated version is a pleasure witness of great teamwork from both of the teams.

Getting started:

Current Status:

  • Experiment on extension model for orkut and myspace.
  • Batch requests.

Updates History:

04/19/2010 - Cut the release-1.1. Trunk base will go on wildly development.
10/20/2009 - Cut the release-1.0.
09/30/2009 - Consolidation on trunk!
02/06/2009 - flexoslib Milestone.

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