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About OpenSlopeOne

OpenSlopeOne is an implementation of Slope One based on PHP&MySQL, it's an open source project under GPL V3.

It aims to a fast way to use Slope One with PHP&MySQL, and it can handle tons of data.

It's localed on Google Code:

You can get the latest code here:

svn checkout

it uses Zend_Db as its database layer.PHP5&MySQL5 or higher.

About Slope One

Slope One is a family of algorithms used for Collaborative filtering(

introduced in Slope One Predictors for Online Rating-Based Collaborative Filtering by Daniel Lemire( and Anna Maclachlan.

You can check to know more about Slope One.

What's the difference between OpenSlopeOne and Vogoo?

As you know,there is also another implementation of Slope One based on PHP&MySQL,Vogoo


What's the difference?

OpenSlopeOne aims to a fast way to use Slope One with PHP&MySQL, so it cares more about performance.

OpenSlopeOne has two modes to init the slope one table, one is based on pure PHP, the other is based on MySQL procedure, as

you know, it will be much faster, and you can use it with any other programming language.

the bottleneck of Vogoo(read the source code of cronslope.php Line 70~Line 150, version 2.2) is whether the record exits or

not. If there is tons of data, the performance is very bad.

In OpenSlopeOne, first I get distinct item ids, then foreach item id, i calculate the slope one of it. I do not have to check

whether if it exits, and i am faster.


1. Modify the config ini file: config.ini.php

; <?php exit; ?> DO NOT REMOVE THIS LINE
host = localhost ; database host name or ip
username = root ; database user name
password = ; user password
dbname = ; database name
port = 3306 ; database host port,3306 as default

2. Create user's rating table:

CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS oso_user_ratings (
user_id int(11) NOT NULL, item_id int(11) NOT NULL, rating decimal(14,4) NOT NULL default '0.0000', KEY item_id (item_id), KEY user_id (user_id,item_id)

there is a sample data, you can load it into the table

load data infile '' into table oso_user_ratings;

3. Create slope one table:

item_id1 int(11) NOT NULL, item_id2 int(11) NOT NULL, times int(11) NOT NULL, rating decimal(14,4) NOT NULL


The main also the only PHP file is OpenSlopeOne.php, you must include it in your own PHP file:

require './OpenSlopeOne.php';
$openslopeone = new OpenSlopeOne();

1. Init the slope one table:

before you get the recommendtion, you must pre-computation the slope one table.


you can specify the mode use 'PHP' or 'MySQL',If you user 'PHP' mode, it's a pure php implementation, and it might be very

slow when there is tons of data.You can also use 'MySQL' mode, it's based on mysql procedure, and it will be mutch faster.

If you have tons of data to pre-computation, a good advice is that you do not index any colum on oso_slope_one before it


2. Get recommended items by item's id

$recommendedItems = $openslopeone->getRecommendedItemsById(9527);

3. Get recommended items by user's id

$recommendedItems = $openslopeone->getRecommendedItemsByUser(30002);

About Author

I am a PHP programmer in China, my blog:, mostly written in Chinese.

You can contact me with gtalk or

welcome to any bug and advice.

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