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Sugar CRM Module
Updated Aug 28, 2011 by

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Documentation: Documentation as PDF

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Sugar CRM Module Installation


  • Openmeetings (>= Version 1.2) Openmeetings Admin Account
  • SugarCRM installation (minimum 5.1.0)

Go to Admin- Modul Loader select for Upload und upload the zip file.

After upload you can install the Openmeetings_Connector module.

After installation a shortcut “Openmeetings Account” in Admin View is available.

Configure the Openmeetings Account in the edit view.

After installation and configuration you have to add following Code manually.

Path: include/language/en_us_notify_template.html Insert this two lines in the Meeting_Subject <!-- BEGIN: Meeting_Subject --> to modifikate the invitations E-mail tamplate after „Description: {MEETING_DESCRIPTION}“

Line Code
119 Meeting URL: <{MEETING_URl}>

Path: modules/Meetings/Meeting.php insert in the function set_notification_body($xtpl, &$meeting) folowing line for add a Meeting-URL to E-mail template.

Line Code
460 $xtpl->assign("MEETING_URl", $meeting->current_notify_user->online_meeting_url_temp);

Path: /modules/DynamicFields/templates/Files/EditView.php

When including this file from modules/Users/EditView.php, the variable handling the template isn't called $xtpl, but $sugar_smarty

insert following lines to in the if(isset($focus->custom_fields)){} body.

Line Code
44 if (is_null($xtpl)) { $xtpl = $sugar_smarty; }

Sugar CRM Module Usage

After the Installation you have a Link to your personal Meeting Room in you activities section of sugarCRM

When you add a new Meeting you will have the possibility to add a OpenMeetings Conference Room for every Meeting. Every participant will receive a direct link to the Conference Room. The Link in the Mail for the invited users is only valid for the Time of the Meeting!

In the Meetings-Details View of SugarCRM you can access the Room at any time.

Schedule Onlinemeeting

In the Schedule Meeting screen you can now select check-box (red arrow) for online-meeting with Openmeetings. After you add invitees (green arrow) you can send invites (blue arrow) and the invitee recive a E-mail with a link to a Openmeetings Room.

Example Link in the invitations mail. Meeting URL: http://localhost:5080/openmeetings/?invitationHash=d948f8977f33ccb31d77e9d08bf15403

In the detail view you can access the openmeetings-room by the Link.

Comment by, Mar 3, 2011

Does this module work in Sugar CRM 6.1?

Comment by, Aug 10, 2011

il ya un probleme java bloquee plugin

Comment by, Aug 10, 2011

il ya un probleme java bloquee plugin

Comment by, Sep 1, 2011

Upon installing this module on my SugarCRM 6.2.1 CE my module loader content box is blank, it only shows up until the 'Actions: Openmeetings Account' button. Anyone have an idea how to fix?

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