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Description of the SWFPresentationViewer
Updated Aug 28, 2011 by

these are some snapshots from the development

SWFPresentationViewer - Features

  • second menu-bar which gets active as soon as a document on the whiteboard is selected
  • buttons for first,pre,next,last, zoom++ and zoom-- Buttons
  • Input Field for slideNumber and zoom sothat you can use both buttons and inputfield
  • scaleable versions of the documents from the library
  • scrollbars to scroll inside the document, scrollbar visible as soon as a document on the whiteboard is selected
  • a library with a big-thumbnail of the slide, if you click on one you can jump to the page (or first load the document to whiteboard and then jump to the page)
  • pdf and original documents can be downloaded from the library
  • scrollwheel for library and scrolling into the document is active


Comment by, Jul 27, 2007

whut a nice one, wOw awesome tool!

your are great, m8te greetz from mombasa

Comment by, Aug 5, 2007

Great enchancement! :) When it will be released?

Comment by project member, Aug 5, 2007

I am going to release a new Beta version the next two weeks.

Comment by, Mar 6, 2008

Is this a Flash player without Adobe's Flash Player. I am always remiss when I have to use Adobe's proprietary code. You never know just what their player is doing. I view it as a security threat to run their proprietary code.

Comment by, Nov 4, 2008

present problems with flash10 :(

Comment by, Sep 10, 2009

very good ,I need use it.

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