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Release Notes of OpenMeetings 0.8.4 and Moodle Mod 0.5
Updated Aug 28, 2011 by

Release 0.8.4 basically adds some new SOAP Functions for directly entering and editing a Room. Some Room-Attributes have been removed that concern the Layout of a Room. However you may still use the previous SOAP Calls but it is recommended to Update to use the latest API-Calls see SoapMethods.

The Moodle Plugin enables you now to use more feature of OpenMeetings:

  • Create both Room Types Conference Room (Multiple Videos) and Event Room (Single Bigger Video)
  • Set an individual Room Language and Max Number of Participant per Room
  • Set a Flag for a Room so that Students and Guests have to wait and will NOT become the Moderation Role in a Conference Room by default, they will have to wait untill a Moodle-Teacher, -Admin or -Creating-Teacher comes and enters a Room.

We would like to thank all Contributors, User, Developers of OpenMeetings and Open Kvarken for supporting us.


In the Administration I just encountered an Issue with 0.8.4: In the Admin Panel of Rooms as => the Admin-Panel expects that there is at least a number in the Field demo-Time ... so when you try to add a new Room it says System Error. You can workaround that by enabling Demo Room (the checkbox) enter a number in demo Time .. you can then disable that again and save the Room. r2100 should fix this already.

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