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How to install pre-0.5 Release, Please: this is for developers not end users!
Updated Aug 28, 2011 by


  • JDK 1.5
  • JAVA_HOME set to point to your JDK installation dir (NOT to the JRE)
  • ooservice up und running in headless mode on port 2002
  • Database server (tested with PostgreSQL only)


  1. Forward the database skeleton with the init values to the database (database_init.sql)


  1. Install OpenLaszlo 3.4.x
  2. You need to replace the default videoComponents with some older/patched ones to make it running. Copy the content of the folder streaming from the zip-package to $LPS_HOME/Server/lps-3.4.x/lps/components/extensions/av/ (Note: Some other OpenLaszlo Apps based on newer version of the video-components might not work with this ones)
  3. copy the folder videoconference into your lps-installation (for example /home/myuser/lps-3.4.x/Server/lps-3.4.x/videoconference/ )
  4. alter config.lzx to fit your installation, the variables:
  5.    rmpthostlocal should point to the hostname of your red5 server
       rmptport should point to the port of rtmp (default red5-rtmp port is 1935)
       rmptTunnelport should point to the port of rtmpT (default red5-rtmp port is 8088)
       red5httpport should point to the port of http red5 (default red5-rtmp port is 5080)
  6. Start OpenLaszlo

Red5-webapp installation

  1. Checkout Red5 from svn, build and install it (URL of svn trunk : )
    • On linux type in the command line : svn co
    • you need apache ant to build from source, if you are not familiar with this process you have to download one of the precompiled red5-binary releases.
  2. copy the zip from the package into your Red5 webapp folder. Unzip it. Alter the red5-configuration to fit your port values ($RED5_HOME/conf/ see host.lzx for port values.
  3. Open hibernate.cfg.xml file into xmlcrm/WEB-INF/lib/xmlcrm.jar zip archive.
  4. Edit theses lines into hibernate.cfg.xml to configure login/password for database :
  5. 			<property name="connection.username">postgres</property>
    			<property name="connection.password">*******</property>
    			<property name="connection.driver_class">org.postgresql.Driver</property>
    			<property name="connection.url">jdbc:postgresql://localhost/openmeetings</property>
  6. copy the file crossdomain.xml to $RED5/webapps/root/crossdomain.xml (you need this file otherwise you are not able to upload any file to the server)
  7. restart of red5 (run is needed. Browse to $RED%HOST:5080 (start page should come up)
  8. browse to : $LPS_HOST:8080/lps-3.4.x/videoconference/main.lzx?lzt=swf8 for test
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