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installation Instruction for the 0.5Beta1 release
Updated Aug 28, 2011 by


  • Postgres installed
  • Open-Office-Service started and listening on port 8100 (see OpenOfficeConverter, this is not necessary for installation but for running later on)
  • Installed imagemagick (this is not necessary for installation but for running later on), you can get more information on regarding installation. The instructions for installation can be found there, however on most linux systems you can get it via your favorite package managers (apt-get it)

Install lated Red5 Server

  • you can get the latest Version of Red5 from:
  • configure Red5, the default ports Red5 is listening are also the default ports the openmeetings application will try to connect. However you will find the exact port settings in $Red5_Home/conf/ (or follow the installation howto's of red5)

Install OpenLaszlo Server

Import database skeleton

  • The app uses a database so you have to install the empty skelton of its structure:
  • create a new database xmlcrm in your postgres database (default scheme public) (note: you can nuse any name for the database but by default its name is xmlcrm, if you use any other you have to alter the value connection.url in the hibernate.cfg.xml)
Get the sql from and import it into your postgres database (meaning into the database xmlcrm, or whatever name you have chosen) (for example using pgadmin

Install OpenMeetings Red5 Webapp

  • get the Beta1 release from
  • copy it to $Red5_Home/webapps
  • unrar/pack it there
  • go to ($RED5_HOME/webapps/)xmlcrm/install/hibernat.cfg.xml and set your database auth into following vars:
  • 			<property name="connection.username">postgres</property>
    			<property name="connection.password">67810</property>
    			<property name="connection.driver_class">org.postgresql.Driver</property>
    			<property name="connection.url">jdbc:postgresql://localhost/xmlcrm</property>
  • go to $RED5_HOME and start red5 (wether mit or with red5.bat) by default you will have to start red5 as root if you have configured red5 to run on ports lower 1200 on unix systems. However by default it can be started as any user who has read and write access to the red5 directory BUT the openoffice task MUST be started as the same user running red5 (otherwise converted documents will not be readable by the red5-server)
  • copy crossdomain.xml from $RED5_HOME/webapps/xmlcrm/crossdomain.xml to RED5_HOME/webapps/root (otherwise you could not upload / download files, however to change the security see

Install OpenMeetings Client

and alter:
<attribute name="rmpthostlocal" value="macbook" type="string" /> 

to fit your Red5-server-IP. (Port settings by default are red5 defaults, however to change the rtmp or rtmpT port you have to change Red5PortSettings like described in Install lated Red5 Server AND ClientPortSettings)

Get Started

  1. Step 1 - install welcome and reminding

  1. Step 2 - adding data

  1. Step 3 - installation complete

  1. Step 4 - enter Application

If you have it that far and openoffice+imagmagick runs correctly your installation is complete

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