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Google Code-in Frequently Asked Questions
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Google Code-in: Frequently Asked Questions


Can you review my task?

Please allow for some time. We will review all completed tasks in the order of completion, but it takes some time. If we don't answer within 24 hours, you may ask on our forum. Please always provide a link to the task page when asking on the forum, otherwise it is very time-consuming to search for your task.

I've completed my task and I have the file ready. However, it seems I am not able to upload it at Google Code-In's page. Should I email the patch to the mentor or should I wait until I can upload it there?

The task has probably not been assigned to you yet. Remind us on forum if we don’t assign it within 24 hours. After we assign it to you, you should be able to upload your work.

What would be the best way to get in touch with mentors (esp. Peli)?

The best way to get in touch with mentors is through the forum. They may not always be online during GCI, but they regularly read posts and will timely answer emails. Also, in this way, other mentors or developers can join the discussions and help. Just open a new topic with your questions, and you will get the answers.

I would like to work on more than one task. I'd successfully claimed one task about [...]. I'd like to apply for the second one, but I can’t. What can I do?

Sorry, you can only work on one task at a time. Just finish the one you started and you can go on with the next one.

I don't want to open a new thread, so I'll post it in someone’s topic. Can I do that?

Please make your own thread in the forum. It will be easier to maintain.

Coding tasks

Also, I want to work on [...] This is a "hard" task, right? (3 stars = hard?)

The number of stars just give a rough indication. In the end, we determine the difficulty level. Just setting the option would be "easy".

Should we reindent anything in the source code?

Yes, you can. We suggest the following:

  1. Send us a patch with the file corrected - only spaces adjusted, nothing else touched!
  2. Together with the patch, write a message like the following: ' Currently, no other GCI student is working on OI Notepad: I checked the tasks with title "Notepad": , I checked the GoogleCodeIn issues: , and I checked the Feature requests which contain "Notepad": . Nobody else is currently working on OI Notepad '
  3. Hope that a mentor quickly enough submits your patch to the main trunk before another GCI student starts working on OI Notepad. (as soon as another student starts working on OI Notepad, your patch is invalid and will not be included anymore).
This procedure is strict so that we avoid that any student or mentor requires additional manual merging because of this patch. And, of course, this patch is not part of GCI, so there are no GCI points for this task.

Are there any guidelines for sending a patch?

Please send a patch using "svn diff" (or TortoiseSVN / Create patch...) Please base your patch on the latest revision in the trunk. Don't change any lines that you don't need to change, especially do not change the formatting of the existing code or remove comments (turn off auto-formatting in Eclipse!). The patch will then be easier to review. Please look at the created patch file with a plain text editor before you send it. It should be small and only contain the modified lines.

Translation tasks

I would like to translate. Where can I find some guidelines?

See wiki page with the guidelines written by one of the mentors.

What are “check translations” tasks?

The task is to (as the name says) check translations sent by other GCI students before they will be checked by mentors. In order to claim them, you must finish one normal translation task beforehand. See wiki page about those tasks.

User interface tasks

Are there guidelines for designing icons?

See wiki page with the guidelines.

Other questions

If you have other questions, don't hesitate to ask in the developer forum.

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