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Revision: r3517
Author:  peli0101
Date:  Jul 30, 2011
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Log message

OI Shopping List: Basically revert the effect of r3508, but keep functionality
in themes without a checkbox.
Update issue 353
Ok, I guess I can not convince you. Here is an updated version:
* Basically reverts the effect of r3508.
* Keeps functionality in themes without a checkbox: The "plus" image is hidden,
but keeps the same space
* LinearLayout has been converted to RelativeLayout, so that checkbox and image
can be stacked on top of each other. This implementation keeps the item names
perfectly aligned across various versions and devices. The size of the checkbox
is pertained by setting its status to "invisible" instead of "gone". The maximum
image size is limited to 28dip (small) / 32dip (large) which should fit into the
smallest check box size found across the systems.

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