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Issue 455: OI Notepad: "Revert" does not work properly
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Reported by, Dec 30, 2011
Original User Request:
Another error OI Notepad

Hello Peli,

The OI Notitieblok is super for its direct storage, until 1 problem:

When some txt edited and unwanted touched the menu, item 'cut', the txt is removed BUT THE RESTORE DART INTHE MENU DID NOT RETURN THE COMPLETE TEXT.

I have not reproduced it, but maybe you knwo something when i tell:
The text consisted of 2 parts, copy pasted from an email after meeting a problem with copypaste in my android 1.6: an emails body with greeting, space and textbody failed to copy over and over again the FIRST line of the body AFTER de greeting and space.
Possibly a 233+/command-char was concerned? They are not visible i know.

Met vriendelijke groet, 

OI Notepad: Cut and paste does not paste complete text
Dec 30, 2011
Project Member #1
Reading through the original description again, it seems the problem is the "Revert" menu item.
* Edit a note.
* Menu > Revert.
* Edit more.
* Menu > Revert.

Ideally, revert should allow for multiple undo/redo operations that are persistent across screen orientation changes.
Summary: OI Notepad: "Revert" does not work properly
Labels: Stack-Notepad
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