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Delphi ".pas" headers for OpenCV (Open Computer Vision - OpenCV-Wiki)


Due to lack of interest into this port of OpenCV, I have decided to put the project on hold for now... should more interest arise I might reconsider.

I myself have moved over to C# MONO and .NET, try searching EMGU.CV ;)

Thanks and Sorry to all the Delphi-hopefuls out there but as it stands I am losing a little faith in the future of Delphi, (Sad very sad indeed) :(


Please NOTE: Only started initial work on this; converted a few methods to make my own applications work. Looking for people willing to assist in the creation and maintenance of properly documented and tested headers concurrent to OpenCV updates.

Source have been uploaded together with a demo program.

Huge Thanks to: Vladimir Vasilyev (who started converting the headers) home page : email : or

If you are interested in contributing to this project please contact me on

Cheers J ;)

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