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This page describes procedure to use OpenCV DSP Acceleration Library in your work
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Following is the procedure to use this work in your application


Step 1

In your application include the header file "beagle_opencv_API.h". The complete path to the header file may be necessary if it is not present in your default directory.


Step 2

Call DSP_cvStartDSP() at the beginning of your application. This ensures that DSP engine is open before any call to DSP is made using OpenCV_DSP APIs.

Step 3

Make call to OpenCV_DSP API as needed in the application. Ensure that all input and out buffers are allocated in contigious memory. If you have not used the patch for OpenCV which makes OpenCV allocate memory in continious region, you can use Memory_alloc() and Memory_free() to allocate and deallocate continious memroy. For more reference to it, refer

Step 4

At the end of your application call API DSP_cvEndDSP() to close DSP engine.

Step 5

Compiling your work and linking to OpenCV_DSP_Acceleration library

OpenCV DSP Acceleration library is provided as shared library. While compiling and linking your application, make sure that you are linking correctly to Specially, the path to it may need to be specified correctly.

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Thanks a lot. I hope it works

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