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Features/Requests Status

Features: All requested, refused, and current features are listed here. Each item should contain a status.


DONE: these items in in BOLD

IN DEVELOPMENT: these items are in italics

REJECTED: these items are strikedout

ON HOLD FOR FUTURE DEVELOPMENT: these items are normal


  • (DONE) Mymovies Xml support (one single file)
  • (DONE) VIDEO_TS playback
  • (DONE) Image file playback with auto-mounting/unmounting using Daemon Tools (iso, bin, cue, img, udf)
  • (DONE) Codec based playback support
  • (DONE) DVD Library manager support
  • (DONE) DVD Profiler Xml support (one single file)
  • (DONE) Movie Collectorz Xml support (one single file)
  • (DONE) Image caching for speed in loading images (using VirtualList class)
  • (DONE) Command Line app to import data into OML database
  • (DONE) multi-file (single movie in multiple files) playback support (auto create playlists)
  • (DONE) Extender support
  • (DONE) Support for Blu-Ray/HD-DVD ISO files
  • (DONE) Triple tap: jumping to movie by using letters on remote control
  • (DONE) Filter by genre, rating, date, runtime, year etc
  • (DONE) UI based setup (importers, daemontools settings, etc)
  • (DONE) Metadata editor
  • (DONE) Nicer/Better quality thumbnails on menu page (you will have to reimport movies for this)
  • (DONE) Define OML xml scheme for 3rd party export/import
  • (DONE) Mymovies Xml support (one file per folder)
  • (IN DEVELOPMENT) Folder view option

Top Requests from 0.1b

  • Folder view option
  • Recursive folder support for mymovies.xml files (50% complete)
  • (ON HOLD) Support for Blu-Ray/HD-DVD (50% Complete)
  • (ON HOLD) Movie bookmark features (20% Complete)
  • (ON HOLD) Movie trailer support (80% Complete)
  • (ON HOLD) Using 3rd party programs as datasource (10% Complete)
  • (ON HOLD) Search functionality (0% Complete)
  • (ON HOLD) DVD playback (actual discs in a real drive, see mounting/unmounting for images of discs) (0% Complete)
  • (ON HOLD) Option to omit "The" in movie sorting and displaying
  • (ON HOLD) Native VMC UI controls design
  • (ON HOLD) Movie Label 2009 Xml support
  • (ON HOLD) Ant Movie Catalog Xml support
  • (ON HOLD) DVD Profiler Xml support (one file per folder)
  • (ON HOLD) Movie Collectorz Xml support (one file per folder)
  • (ON HOLD) Boxset and season support (group multiple titles on the main menu into a single boxart/season shown)
  • (ON HOLD) Related movies on the movie detail page
  • (ON HOLD) Parental filter with password
  • (ON HOLD) Selection of audio track from eg. dvd and mkv
  • (ON HOLD) Selection of subtitle track from eg. dvd and mkv
  • (ON HOLD) Multiple right-click options
  • (ON HOLD) View: Instead of moving a cursor around the screen, the cursor is frozen center and instead the movie rows move
  • (ON HOLD) Movie queue
  • (ON HOLD) DVD changer support
  • (ON HOLD) Windows Home Server support
  • (ON HOLD) View: File/folder view
  • (ON HOLD) Autoupdate feature/automatic information of new build
  • (ON HOLD) Delete movie feature, deleting everything releated to the movie (metadata, moviefile, moviefolder, covers etc)
  • (ON HOLD) "Mark as watched" feature
  • (ON HOLD) Ripping DVD's to local/server harddrive
  • (ON HOLD) Automatic metadata/cover art retrieval
  • (ON HOLD) Support of other languages
  • (ON HOLD) Holding down the down button on the movie screen resolves in stopping scrolling and instead displaying letters changing up the alphabet. Stopping scrolling takes the user to the first movie starting with the letter chosen.
Comment by, May 31, 2008

Filter by IDMB rating / by PG-13,R,NC-17 and so on. FFDshow / Halli / AC3Filter / PowerDVD support.

Comment by, Jun 2, 2008

Instead of having an 'Option to omit "The" in movie sorting and displaying, can you add another column that is the "Sort Title", this way the Title can still be used for display purposes, but the list could be sorted in a more meaningul fashion.

Comment by, Jun 2, 2008

Add a Category option to allow for groupings by things other than genre, MPAA rating, personal rating (stars), etc. For example: 007 (Bond Movies), The Duke (John Wayne Movies) know this is an actor too?, Star Trek, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, etc.

Comment by project member, Jun 4, 2008

At some point we will add the ability to group films by a user generated category (and optionally show only the one item on the menu). So that Indiana Jones could be 1 menu item with each title inside that.

Comment by, Jun 4, 2008

add - User can add notes on movie page. +1 on the personal rating (stars) idea.

Comment by, Jul 16, 2008

Really, really need to add at least one level of "Category" grouping to the database. Right now I'm looking at a few hundred videos and scrolling through all of them is a pain!!! By Categories I mean, some form of grouping for the titles. Even if we don't use it right away I think we should hammer out the schema implications.

Here is an example of how I have my videos organized on my hard drive:

  • OML
    • Movies
      • General (Uncategorized)
      • 007
      • John Wayne
      • Jerry Lewis
      • Terminator
      • Star Trek
      • Star Wars
      • Harry Potter
    • TVSeries
      • General (Uncategorized)
      • Star Trek
      • Firefly
Comment by, Jul 16, 2008

Triple Tap: needs to be available for actors, or at least we really need a different display concept.

Comment by, Jul 31, 2008

There is a bug when you change the "drive letter" for Daemon Tools mouting.

The new drive letter, which you change and then press "Save settings" are not updated internally, and the OML still complaints that it cannot find the (old) drive letter.

If you exit OML, and restart again, it works.

Comment by, Sep 17, 2008

Stream AVI's to an extender like Mymovies

Comment by, Sep 18, 2008

Having more then one Genre, for each movie. Example. From dusk till dawn. I have Horror/Action/. when selecting in genre i have the option of Horror only for the movie.

Star rating would be nice

Relating movies to make a proper trilogy. Example Raiders of the lost ark / Temple of Doome/ or Dr.NO/You can only live twice etc... locat it in the movies discription.

Recommendation/Simular Movies in the movie discription.


Comment by, Oct 13, 2008

Will m4v files be supported?

Comment by, Oct 15, 2008

Ability to recognize and play an MT2S file format.

Comment by, Nov 22, 2008

Is there any chance that the new DB Editor could get back one of the features of the old DB Editor? With the old one, when you imported movies or scanned a folder, any new movies would appear at the bottom of the movie list. Having this happen this way actually made it easier to know what movies had been added. I just did this on the new one, and 6 movies were found. I needed to manually scroll through all the titles to find the newly added movies.

As the collection gets ever increasingly bigger, and I stop using MyMovies? and rely solely on DB Editor (which now rocks), this process could become time consuming and probably annoying.

Comment by, Dec 7, 2008

If you are looking for translation to other language, I can participate on Czech translation. If interested, drop an email to vacha at email dot cz...

Comment by shaunbender, Dec 30, 2008

Having the support for "ArcSoft? TotalMedia? Theatre" external player for BD/HD-DVD as talked about in the forums.

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