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Download: Open GPS Tracker 1.3.1 - Vanilla release - Tweaks and fixes
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Released: Jan 02, 2012
Uploaded:  Jan 2, 2012
Downloads: 3693

* Fix: Maintain overlays drawn after map provider switch 
* Feature: Update to OSMDroid version 3.0.6
* Feature: Show distance in map screen
* Fix: Crashes on large number in settings
* Fix: Numbers next to speed bar with pace units
* Feature: Convert decimal minutes to seconds with pace units
* Feature: Storing notes as WPT instead in GPX exports
* Feature: GET requests in custom URL streaming configurable
* Feature: Custom URL upload with more keys, like @ALT@, @ACC@, @SPEED@, @BEAR@,
@TIME@ and @ID@
* Feature: Disable dimming to full brightness
* Fix: Check on overly close locations restored
* Feature: Updated GoBreadcrumbs track browsing to new Breadcrumbs API version
* Fix: Crash after sharing track with SD-Card is gone or used by PC

* TODO: work-around or await server-fix for breadcrumbs track uploading
SHA1 Checksum: 2839411a6dd9ccd7e064650e55cef3c859368214 What's this?

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