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Due to all team members being busy otherwise for some time now, I'm officially putting this project on ice.

Team Lusito Presents:

The Open Game Libraries, a set of Intuitive C++ libraries for creating games (released under the zLib/PNG License).

We're focusing on performance, simplicity and being as lightweight as possible.

Alphabetic order:

  • Audio - OpenAL audio management ( loading sounds from ogg/wav, positioning them, setting attributes, etc. )
  • Common - Generic classes and objects for game development ( containers, text processing, etc. )
  • Console - Developer console window with support for Commands and variables
  • Fable - Force, Axis, Buttons Light and Easy ( simply said gamepad input management )
  • FileSystem - Compressed zip file loading with a few neat features for multiplayer games.
  • Font - Bitmapped Font loading and drawing ( Unicode + Kerning support )
  • Gloot - (OpenGL Object Oriented Toolkit), OpenGL window creation and keyboard/mouse input.
  • Image - OpenGL image loading and saving
  • Math - Vector, Matrix, Quaternions, Color, etc..
  • Model - Loading 3D Models in a generic way, with import functions for various formats ( ASE, MD3, MD5, SKM, SMD )
  • Shared - Shared parts to lighten the dependencies

For more details and Tutorials, check out the Wiki

( The names of these libraries are not final yet, if you have better suggestions, please tell me )

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