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Issue 58: I18N support
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Reported by, Oct 6, 2011

The lemon ontology has several labels for each class (for each language @en, @nl, ...).

When looking at the class tree, rdfs:label properties are selected randomly, producing a really interesting, but not so usefull hierarchy:

    -  Argumento
    -  Bedingung
    -  Context
    -  Définition
    -  Exemple d'utilisation
    -  Forma
    -  Komponente
    + Lexicale item
    -  Lexicale zin
    -  Lexicon
    -  Marcador de la función sintáctica
    -  Morphologische Muster
    + Phrase-Element
    -  Prototype
    -  Punt
    -  Rahmen
    -  Transformación morfológica
    -  Valeur de la propriété

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