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Updated Feb 4, 2010 by

We are lazy, so it is simple


Mokoko, also known as om-mediaplayer. It is a very simple media player running on mobile phone. We are not trying to make a big plan. We only want to reach our tiny hope

-- Playing music on our phone......easily

There are too many powerful mp3 players on embedded device. I just want a simple one that I can listen to the music


Maybe you are intresting in it


Every release of Mokoko. The latest release is Mokoko 0.1
known issues or known bug.


Mokoko used something

  1. EFL
  2. GStreamer
  3. libid3tag
GNU Public License
The license of Mokoko is GPL. We love Free Software

Open mind

Every patch, comment are welcome. But we can not make sure we will respond EVERYTHING. Mokoko is just a hobby but not a full time job. It is free software, hopes we can make it simple enough and people can fork it easily.

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