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READ-ONLY: This project has been archived. For more information see this post.
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Obfuscate4e integrates obfuscation into the Eclipse PDE build process. It enables obfuscation of your plugins, features and RCP applications during the regular build.

Obfuscate4e comes with the ProGuard obfuscator, but can easily be adapted for other obfuscators.

You’re welcome to join the development team, if you want to improve obfuscate4e or want to integrate additional obfuscators.

See the screencast Observe the Obfuscate4e process at

Please note

On 2012-01-31 we restructured our online resources of the obfuscate4e project:

The Updates site at stays intact and delivers all updates. The update site for beta releases at is also working at it's established location. This way we can concentrate on the issue queue and further development instead of managing a CMS. ;)

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