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NU Tester


The tester library provides a testing framework that can be used easily by a novice Java programmer, without learning first the intricacies of defining equality comparison for complex data objects. The more advanced features of the tester library provide a seamless path to understanding equality and the design of tests in the context of JUnit.

The tester library is currently used by numerous schools and colleges, in many cases even beyond the introductory courses.

When using tester library, students write test cases inside of the Examples class that models the client to student code. Each test method starts with test consumes a single argument, an instance of the Tester class, and contains one or more test cases defined as follows::

  void testStrings(Tester t){
      String wes = "Wes";
      t.checkExpect(wes, "Wes");
      t.checkExpect(wes, "Pete");

where the second test should fail. The tester uses the Console for reporting the results, thus avoiding the overhead of learning new features of usually already complex IDE's.

The web pages for the project's home base at javalib provide detailed description and sample code for all available features, as well as additional pedagogical pointers for instructors and students.

Please see the Wiki for a brief overview of the project.

In Development

The Tester library is separated in two separate releases: Prima and Avanti.

Prima is the main project that has been under continuous development for several years. It is meant to be used by those unfamiliar with how to write test cases, or if they are a novice in Java (or programming in general).

The Avanti variant has not been updated or worked on sine 2009. Its advantage over Prima is the inclusion of supplemental libraries that allow for code coverage analysis, and the writing of more complex test scenarios. We hope to revisit this variant in the future.


The source code is currently published freely through this google-code hosting site. Any user may checkout the code, but only project members are currently allowed to commit changes to the code-base. The framework is supported and developed by a small team of individuals at Northeastern University and more recently Virginia Tech.

More Documentation

More detailed documentation about the Tester can be found at: Javalib

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