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Trook Documentation
Updated Feb 3, 2010 by kbsriram

Using Trook

How do I load a feed of my choice?

Tap on the little gear looking icon on the title bar, and enter the URL to the feed you want to load.

How do I bookmark this feed?

Long-click on the gear icon, and you'll find a menu that lets you bookmark the current URL. The bookmark will go into your "my feeds" area, which is accessible from the Trook root screen. By the way, a bookmark is just a text file with the suffix

so feel free to create more bookmarks and upload them through USB.

Where do my downloads go, and how can I change it?

By default (from Trook rev38 onward) books (epubs, pdfs and pdb files) are downloaded under my documents/Downloads/ while music file go under my music/Downloads/ and apk packages go under my packages/. Please see the answer to the next question on how to change this path.

How do I change the default settings for Foo

I haven't (yet) provided a straightforward for you to change settings, but in the interim (from Trook rev38 onwards) you can at least edit the preferences xml file on the Nook to taste, as follows.

Connect over adb and copy /data/data/com.kbs.trook/TrookPreferences.xml locally somewhere. I run something like

adb pull /data/data/com.kbs.trook/TrookPreferences.xml TrookPreferences.xml

There are preferences for several values, here is a list.

Setting key default value /system/media/sdcard/my documents/Downloads /system/media/sdcard/my music/Downloads packages``/system/media/sdcard/my documents/Downloads`
trook.wifi.timeout60000 ms (a long value)
trook.wifi.holdon300000 ms (a long value, how long to keep the wifi on after the last network operation)

For example, you might prefer to download books to your sdcard rather than the internal storage, which is mounted at /sdcard on the Nook. You might also prefer to keep the wifi on for longer than the default 5 minutes.

Edit the TrookPreferences.xml file so that it looks like

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8' standalone='yes' ?>
  <string name="">/sdcard/Downloads</string>
  <long name="trook.wifi.holdon" value="600000"/>

Please note the different ways that longs and strings are set in this file.

Finally, copy it back to the nook

adb push TrookPreferences.xml /data/data/com.kbs.trook/TrookPreferences.xml

Restart Trook (long-click on the gear icon, scroll down and tap the "Stop Application") and bring up Trook again.

How do I enable installing third-party apps from Trook?

You'll need to update a settings database on the Nook with sqlite to enable Trook (or any other app) to install applications directly from the Nook. Please see the HOWTO that provides the recipe for this.

Can I browse my locally stored books?

The "my books" entry from the Trook root menu lets you browse your documents, and preserves any folder structure you have there.

How can I add or change the cover art for my book?

Just create an image with the same name as the book (but change the suffix as appropriate.) For example, if you have an epub book in

my documents/Adventure/Professor Challenger.epub
create an image called
my documents/Adventure/Professor Challenger.jpg
You can create jpg, png or gif files.

Can I search a catalog?

If a catalog provides a search option, you'll see a magnifying glass icon appear next to the settings. Click on it to search the current catalog.

Can I access my Calibre catalog?

(Thanks to sethcohn for the tip.) Yes -- start up your calibre server, and load the feed


(Please note -- do not use http://server-ip:8080/ but http://server-ip:8080/stanza If you get a parse error from trook, please double-check the url and verify that it returns a valid atom feed.)

You can also bookmark it to "my feeds" so it's conveniently accessible from then on.

Also, please see dpierron's pointer to his calibre2opds system (see his comments below) for a way to extract and publish your stanza catalog/books to a service like Dropbox, so you can access your catalog more easily on the internet.

How do I change the startup menu?

You can override the default menu -- it's just an atom feed -- by creating an xml file called

my feeds/root.xml
It's best to start with the default feed file and modify it as appropriate.

Mount the Nook over USB, and create a folder called /my feeds if it doesn't already exist. Then, copy your xml file as /my feeds/root.xml, and make sure that the file is world readable.

(If you are accessing your Nook through an adb shell however, the root USB mountpoint is at /system/media/sdcard.)

Reset the default feed

If anything should go wrong, if you can see the gear icon at least, bring up the long click menu on it, and select the "Restore default feed" entry. Bring the menu up again, and stop the application. Restarting it should bring up the default feeds again.

What sort of Atom feed is this?

Trook intends to implement some random subset of OPDS but your best bet is to look at the default feed file and the Stanza catalog format documentation from Lexcycle.

At its core, it's just a set of feeds, that can point to other feeds (thus giving hierarchies) or a list of epub files, audio files or (and this is special to Trook) android apk files.

By the way, should you ever feel the desire to point to the default feed from your own feed, there's a magic URI asset:default_root_feed.xml

For example, if you were creating your own Atom feed, you'd add a section like this:

    <title>Default Trook catalog</title>
    <link type="application/atom+xml" href="asset:default_root_feed.xml"/>
    <content type="text">Trook's default catalog</content>
Comment by, Jan 14, 2010

Above instructions using 'my feeds' directory didn't work for me... Took the default xml, added a custom entry, saved as root.xml, never saw it load that version of the file. BTW, annoying to use a directory with a space - can you change to use my_feeds, or myfeeds?

calibre server works! used http://localiprunningcalibre:8080/stanza as url Very nice job!!!!

Comment by project member kbsriram, Jan 14, 2010

Thanks for update about stanza -- excellent!

Sorry that the root feed is not working -- to eliminate some of the usual suspects, could you check that the file is world-readable after you copy it?

Also, the "my feeds" directory should parallel the other "my XXX" directories (ie, the "my documents" and the "my music" etc directories on the USB connected nook should be at the same level as the "my feeds" directory.)

Yeah, the space for "my feeds" is annoying, agreed. I chose it to stay consistent with the several "my foo" directories that are already present in that area...

Comment by, Jan 15, 2010

I had it wrong (did /my feeds/root/xml in sehll) but doing it the right way (via usb, found the existing "my feeds" right next to the other "my directories") hasn't worked either. It's not a permissions issue (world readable/writable)

Comment by, Jan 16, 2010

Nice app, I wish I owned a Nook to try it ;)

Anyway, I wanted to point out the tool I wrote, called calibre2opds and which can be used to generate a very nice and hierarchic ODPS catalog (along with an HTML one) from the database of Calibre.

This should be useful to your users, IMHO !

All best, David

Comment by project member kbsriram, Jan 21, 2010

@sethcohn sorry, been busy updating code -- would you test with the latest version of Trook (rev: 28?) It has a file browsing mode, so if it doesn't work, you can also navigate to the "my feeds" folder, and see what the application thinks it sees in that folder.

@dpierron calibre2opds looks pretty neat, thanks for the pointer -- I've also added a note in the documentation about it.

Comment by, Feb 2, 2010

is it possible to get some more detail instructions about modifying the settings.db file to allow for third party download/installs?

Comment by project member kbsriram, Feb 3, 2010

I have a HOWTO on this, and have added a pointer in the FAQ to it as well. Open an adb shell on the Nook, and the HOWTO describes the rest of the steps.

Comment by, Feb 9, 2010

I'm not sure, if I'm doing it correct. If I add my ip:8080/stanza and than hold this button and say add to bookmark. This should appear somewhere in my feeds.

Where exactly can I find this folder? I can see it, when I connect my Nook via usb. It is right there next to my documents etc.

But I cannot find this folder andywhere on my Nook. Is it somewhere in the Trook app? If yes, where? Thanks mos

Comment by, Feb 9, 2010

Hi,When I enter the command adb pull /data/data/com.kbs.trook/TrookPreferences?.xml TrookPreferences?.xml I get back: remote object /data/data/com.kbs.trook/TrookPreferences?.xml does not exist

Comment by, Feb 9, 2010

mos, yes, it is in Trook. Scroll to the right at the top level of Trook and you should find "My feeds." You may have press the refresh button in Trook for the new bookmark you added to appear.

Comment by, Feb 9, 2010

jaybirds2053, the TrookPreferences?.xml file does not exist by default (at least as of Rev 45). You can force Trook to create it by doing a long-press of the settings icon in Trook then choosing "Reset default feed." You will then be able to pull the file via adb. However, you will find it to be basically blank. So, you will have to add the values you want using the information posted in the Wiki above as a guide.

Comment by, Feb 9, 2010

Hi,I try "restore default feed" and I still get no TrookPreferences?.xml file.

Comment by, Feb 9, 2010

Hi,Could you post a TrookPreferences?.xml with setting in the chart above that I could copy to blank TrookPreferences?.xml file and then push to the nook.

Comment by, Feb 9, 2010

The TrookPreferences? stuff was added in later builds. Make sure you are using the latest, Rev 45. There is already a sample just below the table in the Wiki. It only has two settings in it, but you should be able to add the rest.

Comment by, Feb 24, 2010

Every time I try to save a feed my Nook throws and error. I have the latest version of the app. It's like it can't write to the folder on my SD Card. I believe that is where it is trying to save it. I haven't changed the config file. This is a default install. Thanks

Comment by project member kbsriram, Feb 25, 2010

Are you able to run "adb logcat" and obtain a stack trace? That will help identify where the problem occurs.

Comment by, Mar 15, 2010

Does TrookPreferences?.xml work at all in rev 53? I wrote one up and it looks perfectly fine, but whenever I try to download anything via trook it saves them to it's default location and not the location I specified in the .xml

Comment by, Apr 13, 2010

For Drito Vales and anyone else with Trook rev53. The preferences xml is located at /data/data/com.kbs.trook/shared_prefs/TrookPreferences?.xml

Comment by, Apr 25, 2010

Hey, Just wondering..

When viewing an rss feed which has the safari compass icon, how do i go back from a story after it is displayed on the e-ink.

There is a back button which takes me out of the app completely to the B&N home (even though I was on the custom home)...

Once i load trook again, it will go to my previous story and e-ink screen will display the browser with no way to go back to the trook menu.

any ideas?

Comment by, May 14, 2010

Greg, I have the same problem. Driving me nuts.

I go into Trook and once I have looked at an RSS feed the back button takes me out of trook all together, and if/when I go back into trook I got directly back to the last RSS feed page and I can't get to any control buttons to change the feed/url etc.

Comment by, May 14, 2010

ok, Noob question. I installed the softroot 1.3 package and Trook came with it (main reason I soft rooted). How do I upgrade the version of Trook after doing this. I'm on Rev53 and it's got a few problems that 68 seems to resolve.

Comment by, May 16, 2010

"I go into Trook and once I have looked at an RSS feed the back button takes me out of trook all together, and if/when I go back into trook I got directly back to the last RSS feed page and I can't get to any control buttons to change the feed/url etc."

I had the same problem...fix, uninstall Trook,, re-install perfectly.

Comment by, May 25, 2010

I am unable to load any feeds. With the exception of the NYtimes that is preloaded, any feed I try to add comes back as invalid. Any ideas why?

Comment by, Jun 30, 2010

I'm working with Trook version 68. I have some problems

1) Problem with the search, I'm getting a malformed URL error on the search.

2) When I use the browser to go to sideloaded MP3's it tells me there is not a viewer / no activity found to handle action.

Comment by, Jul 5, 2010

In on rev68 and am having some issues with my Calibre integration I can connect to it just fine, but when I get the list of browsing options ("By Newest", "By Title", "By Ratings", etc) I can't select any of them, or at least nothing happens when I touch the appropriate box.

I also have the problem that astrojetson is having with a malformed search URL if I try to perform a search.

Comment by, Jul 31, 2010

I have the same issue as paikens, I can't select any of the Calibre options, "Authors", "Tags", "Recent Additions", etc., isn't selectable, just text.

Comment by, Jul 31, 2010

I've never written xml before, but I was browsing through the xml text, and there seems to be fields for width.

Is it possible to change the size of the icons in Trook by editing the xml? I would like to squeeze in say 4 columns of 5 rows of icons on the LCD.

Comment by, Aug 5, 2010

Same problem as Paikens and jadetrue with the Calibre server, any hint?

Comment by, Aug 21, 2010

Is there any functionality to download rss feeds to be read later offline?

Comment by, Sep 18, 2010

All i want Trook to do is have my calibre Library catalogue as the first feed when I open Trook ... and not 3 levels down in ... My Books, SDcard, calibre

What should the .xml file contain? Where should the .xml file go?

Comment by, Sep 18, 2010

Latest version of Trook trashes Calibre catalog funtionality

Comment by, Oct 20, 2010

I have the same issue as paikens and maxilogan


Comment by, Oct 26, 2010


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