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Nokia Widget Eclipse Plugin

Nokia 2007年推出WebRunTime, WRT,主要的功能就是widgets,目前尚无官方开发工具,我开发的时候发觉不能统一的开发,还需要手工打压缩包,改文件名,于是为了大家开发方便,今天下午就写了这么一个 插件,用来给大家在eclipse下开发nokia widgets。

version 1.0 功能列表: 1,自动创建相关文件 2,可直接zip成wgz

下面准备实现的功能 1,widgets的javascript代码提示功能 2,定义SDK位置,自动上载wgz到SDK目录下 3,可“编译”html,css,js,jpg等文件,也就是说可以将这些文件直接上载到SDK安装wgz后的文件目录

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Nokia Widget Eclipse Plugin

when Nokia WRT start on 2007, the major function on widgets, well, we havnt seen any IDE tools by Nokia organization.

We could not coding in the same UI, we need create a new folder, a new file by self-operation, especially the .wgz file,

we should use zip tools to create zip file, then change the extension of the file,that time, I feel I need change this.

So, I lauch a opensource project today, we can make the plugin more powerful.

Version 1.0

Function list:

1, automatic create files,(Info.plist,Default Icon.png,Html,Javascript,Css) 2,Can build wgz file, do not need rename after zip.

Future Version Function List:

1,Widget Javascript Object code completion 2,define SDK path, automatic upload wgz to SDK Directory 3,Can “Compile” html,css,js,jpg Files, i.e.we can edit single file then upload these to WGZ runtime file path,We can development wgz single files without build wgz.

svn Address

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