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01 - NMTServer Release Notes
Updated Feb 5, 2011 by

NMTServer Release Notes

Upgrade instructions

Make sure you have installed the latest YAMJ (build 964 or up) to make sure that the video preview images for TV shows work correctly. You can use other versions (YAMJ 1.16) but then the preview images do not always work. Btw, if you install a new YAMJ version and problems persists then try a complete rescan with Force Overwrite XML set to true.

  1. Copy the exe and dlls over the old ones
  2. Copy the Skin folder over the old folder
  3. Copy the system folder over the old folder
  4. Clear the cache of the PCH (Setup, Maintenance, Press "file mode", Select Clear cache)
  5. Keep all the rest
Note: You can keep your config.ini, since all the settings have hard coded defaults. If you use the v1.65 is also wise to check the tags.ini for any changes.

- Add this to your config.ini to skip all non-movie xml files.
;List of files (in lowercase) to ignore when loading movies

- remove filedate check, this is part of YAMJ now
- boxcovers 1.35, skip the SET_*.xml files
- fixed regular expression for yamj cleanup routine (added a . before the *), the YAMJ cleanup routine should work now with the preferred skin settings.

- fixed play from index for bdvm
- added i.use_plonk variable to the (default is off)

- Compatablility issue with latest YAMJ. 
  Added an IgnoreXML section to the config.ini, the section should look like this. 


- ReleaseDate parsing should now work with MONTH ##, #### format e.g. OCT 20, 2010

- fix: google images download for cast tab
- fix: skin recommended settings changed for latest yamj

- fix: play m2ts files from detail page
- fix: play from index didn't work for bluray rips
- fix: 1920x#### resolution and 1080x#### resolution are considered HD
       Also fixed in boxcovers.exe
- enh. : display filesize, filedate and aspect ratio fields from yamj on details tab
- Experiment: There is a way now to make YAMJ skins compatible with NMTServer, see 
              config.ini path section. However is not all that usefull, the detail pages 
              look fine but don't have NMTServer added options.
- skin: added company logos and studio logos
- fix: when using multiple yamj setups sometimes a set image from the wrong yamj setup was displayed
- fix: bluray rips, get the date of the 00000.m2ts file instead of the xml
- fix: compatibility with yamj 1264 and up
- skin: to save some space, if movie is watched output, audio and codec logos are no longer displayed

- Session management is now ip based instead of cookies, 
  the C-200 seems to loose the cookies.
- TV Shows, sorting of file date (new) now works better. The last episode sets the date
  of the entire show, this used to be the first episode.
  Run menu option "File, Get movie files dates..." once manually to het the right
  file dates.

- if you select the file from the properties 
  directory of YAMJ, a copy "" will be placed 
  in the YAMJ homedir and automatically selected.
- Cleanup files and Check file dates now works with BluRay rips.
- Fixed skin to play BluRay rips (thx robinsj)

- Fix: watched/unwatched bug for sets
- Fix: Trailes did not show
- Fix: First minimize then load movies
- Fix: Only show progressbar when nmtserver is not minimized
- Fix: Only show 'I am here' once
- Fix: Cleanup files default set unchecked

- Fix: 1080p and 1080i TV series to HDTV box
- Fix: The home button seems to be gone on the c-200 (mapping it on a harmony still works)
       Where the HOME button was used you can now also use 999
- Enhancements:
       Added forceBannersOverwrite and forceVideoImagesOverwrite

New in version 1.65

Dynamic Menus

In previous versions the menus where static, it did not matter what the contents of your movie library was the menus where always the same. With the dynamic menus features, your library will be scanned and the menu's will only show your genres, publication years, countries.


You can now define 4 specials flags, the default names of the flags are:
  • Family (green flag), to mark a movie a save for the entire family.
  • Verify (yellow flag), to mark a movie because the YAMJ info seams wrong or incomplete.
  • Hidden (red flag), movies which you want to delete.
  • Top (blue flag), movies which you want to see again.
But you can change these names and give any meaning you want to them. Flags can be represented as filters on the search menu, genres and or tags. Set the flags on the detail pages with 91, 92, 93 and 94.


The purpose of tagging is to get as much possible information out of your library without any manual editing. Tags have basically the same function as genres, it tags every movie with a piece of searchable information. Since there can be many tags they are only available in the new search screen (press INFO). More about tagging can be found in the Wiki

Search screen

On the new search screen you can search for movies just like you can with the left menu, the difference is that all the possible search criteria are available on one single screen. This way you can disable the left menu (press 20) and have more room for the thumbnails. With the INFO button you can always navigate to the search menu, from the index pages but also from the detail pages.

Family Filter

With the family filter you can filter the contents of your library during the day time so that it's save for the entire family. Please note that is not a locking function, your kids can still press the source button and completely bypass NMTServer.

Cast tab

(v1.65 final) On the cast tab images of the actors are shown, you can also setup a link with eXtreme Movie Manager for the biography of the actor. Via "Menu, Additional sources" you can setup the various options.


  • Use 5 as a prefix for alphabetic search with the letters on the remote, e.g. 52=a, 522=b, 5222=c, 53=b, 533=c etc.
  • Support for YAMJ -k
  • New skin orientation: Full mode (no truncation).
  • Menu option (Cleanup XML).
  • YAMJ Control, set scraping on/off per library.
  • More Movie streaming settings.
  • Change set navigation via settings
  • Display settings now saved per type (movie, tv, ..).
  • Extra menu's when browsing via PC.
  • Search for subtitles files (srt, subs etc.).
  • Cast tab on detail page, when a link to eXtreme Movie Manager has been setup.
  • Support for multiple YAMJ setups.

- Fixed compatibility issues with yamj 1050

- Sometimes SETs where not displayed.
- preferences tag in YAMJ xml is no longer assumed to be there.

- v1.68 was badly build, the package did not work with a clean install
- Fixed "initializing..." bug in the now playing info.


- Added support for the new "Extras" settings in YAMJ.
  Normal in line trailers, that is trailers which are added to a movie automatically 
  remain on the trailer tab.
  Extras - which can be trailers also - are place on the set/discs tab.
  So if you have three files :
    a. Doomsday (2008).avi
    b. Doomsday (2008) [TRAILER].avi
    c. Doomsday (2008) [EXTRA-Alternate Ending].avi
  And you also use the recommended settings and have YAMJ automatically create an 
  Apple trailer link. Then you end up with:
  Set tab:
  - Doomsday - Extra (2008) link to file b.
  - Doomsday - Alternate ending (2008) link to file c.
  - Doomsday link to file a.
  Trailers tab:
  - Links to whatever is on the Apple site.
  More on this can be found on:

- Added YAMJ -i option, this skippes the generation of index files and thus speedup the
  YAMJ process. You will need YAMJ  (r1034) or up.
- Disabled caching for detail and index pages on PC Browser
- Improved http streaming
- Improved compatibility with myIHome urls


-  On Cast/Plot and Main page: When truncation occurs or there is an image, the info
   button is activated this will zoom the text and image(s).
-  Fixed 1.png bug.
-  Added checkbox on Additional sources screen to download additional pictures for lead
   actors (first two).
-  Cast images are renamed to [name]_face_#.jpg and [name]_all_#.jpg , images will be 
   re downloaded, clear the cache manually.
-  Added shortcut 999 on detail page to clear and redownload images for current actor,
   you have to clear the PCH cache manually yourself.
-  Added link to VLC player plugin page when viewing detail page on the PC browser
-  Added Imbd/TheTVDb/Fanart/Poster link to detail page when browsing on PC.
-  Apple trailer fix, added  appletrailers.trailertypes=tlr,tsr,clip,ftc,min,640w to the
   recommended settings.
-  Skip Music sorting when Music Jukebox disabled.


-  Multiple YAMJ setups.

    Enable this on the settings tab, if enabled you can setup up to 12 different YAMJ
    setups on the YAMJ control tab.
    In addition to the regular YAMJ settings, per YAMJ setup you can select: 
    - if the Setup must be automatically scanned
    - if the output folder must be loaded in NMTServer
    This way you can e.g. separate the TV series from the movies. And update the TV
    automatically but the movies only manually. 
      - Make sure that everything in one boxed set is located in one YAMJ setup.
      - The Box Covers addon is called via the .bat file with an extra parameter output
        path so you don't have to do anything special with the boxcovers (1.31).
      - If you have multiple YAMJ setups which share the output path be sure to disable 
        the cleanup option.
      - When multiple YAMJ is selected then you have to reload (F5) manually after you
        changed the settings.

- Added setting for set navigations style:
  - Show as tab, show sets a tab, jump to this tab from index
  - Show intermediate page, when you click on a set and intermediate index page is
    displayed, the set tab becomes a disc tab
  - Both, show an intermediate page but when you click on the intermediate then jump to
    main tab/plot tab
- Added sorting on runtime (press 46), sorting is based on the runtime tag from YAMJ, not
  sure where YAMJ gets this info, it's correct in 99% but some of my movies have a 
  reported runtime of 1 minute. Sorting is from short to long, reverse sorting can be
  done by navigating backwards through the index.
- Changed selection rectangle to yellow, in the you can change this back.
- Menu "File, Additional sources"
  On this screen you can enable the Cast tab on the details page and setup an interface
  with XMM.  
  If you setup an interface with eXtreme Movie manager you can vie the Actors bio on the
  cast tab. You can also automatically download a portrait picture via Google.  
  The download via Google are queued, you can get a listing off the queue via the loggin
  tab. The images are downloaded in the background, so they are not immediately
  availible, just browse to your movies and let NMTServer download the images, after a 
  while they will show up on the cast tab. Images are downloaded to the \cache\actors 
- It is now possible to mix sets with movies with more then 4 discs/parts
- When the Left menu is hidden more medium and small thumbs will be displayed.
- Added menu option 'Cleanup XML files', this will scan your XML files and check if the
  movie file still exists. If not the XML is moved to the \Deleted folder.
- Added settings to Disable Music Jukebox and Media Browser
- YAMJ Control, set scraping to true or false via the GUI. After a YAMJ run, the 
  settings  will revert to the default. (Scraping controls the internet download, 
  it is not an ignore library feature)
- Movie Streaming via HTTP, three options:
   - Never
   - Always
   - Only when the request is not from a NMT.    
- Added scanning for SRT, SMI, SSA and SUB subtitles. Scan files once to activate.
- Added color properties to the, selected menu items are now bright white
  instead of pale yellow, you can change this in the
- Higher contrast colors for search menu, you can change this in the
- Added extra i.min.navstyle0.discs=3, when First boxed set nav. style is
  chosen show disc when there are more then three, to avoid repetition
- When left menu is hidden a status line shows on the lower left corner.
- Added current sorting to info line when no left menu is displayed
- Added Spanish prefixes
- Enabled StripPrefixes settings in the config.ini
- Added settings to the, increase the values if the time and title are
    not  visible on the index page.
      i.time.move.up = 5
      i.title.move.up = 10
- Tags.ini is now UTF-8 encoded, use an UTF-8 aware editor to make any changes to this
  file. E.g. "Notepad2" which can be downloaded here:
- Changed Box sets and Disc logic
  In the there are now two properties which you can use
  to change the behavior. When there are 3 parts or less then they will
  be displayed on the main tab. If there are 2 parts or more they also
  will be displayed on the disc/sets tab.
- Update dutch_translations.txt 
  (you can use this a template for your own translations, please sent me a copy if you
   translate the interface to your language)
- Added properties for the fixed text in the
- Config.ini, tags.ini, index_template_dynamic.xml and index_template_static.xml are now
  all encoded in UTF8. So no bad characters can leak into the pages.
  In the future use Notepad2 ( to edit 
  these files.
- added PC menu to index pages
- added search box, when viewing with PC
- Settings (thumbs size, top menu, left menu, show watched, grouping) are
  now saved automatically and per media type (movies, tv, music, media browser).
  Startup is now always with movies.

- Zoomed thumbnails, can not center the thumbs in combination with zoomed thumbs
- Music scanner, Strip Prefixes from setname, recompute setname after reading NFO file
- Music genre was not shown on detail page.
- 90 now plays shuffle on Music index page

- Eliminated server search mode (search box on the GUI)

New in Version 1.60

New Skin

In version 1.60 the skin was build from the ground up. The new skin is a tabbed skin. There are 6 tabs in the details page: Sets/Discs, Main, Episodes/Trailers, Plot, Details and Help.

     - Totally new skin design.
       The information is now divided on 6 pages: 
          set, main, episodes/trailers, plot, details and help
       - Extra page 'Set', on this page the other movies in the set are shown,
         or when a movie contains more then 3 disc, all the discs are shown on this 
         page. The intermediate page for sets is gone, instead you jump right to this
         page. Movies on the set page are always sorted on release date.
     - Play movie from index. Select the thumb and press PLAY button.
     - When you view the skin from your PC (ip then a extra navigation menu 
       is shown on the right side of the skin.
     - Press DOWN on the help tab to set the transparance of the box.
     - Display logos for offline movies (only the 720p and 1080p logo which are guessed 
       based on the videoSource). The logic here is that if you create an offline movie 
       with tag [BluRay] then it is assumed that you actually have a BluRay disc with
       1080p encoding, not a rip from a BluRay disc encoded in some other format.
     - TV Station logo for most popular US stations

     - Since RC2: Added Italian and German Prefixes
     - New preferred skin settings:

     - Added startup pages for your index:

     - Skin tweaks, preview in Firefox on PC almost look the same as on PCH
     - Moved flag to lower right corner, default in the is flags off.
     - Changed the default text By: and With: with Directed by and Starring, you can 
       change this back in the
     - Small tweaks in the graphics, clear the PCH cache to see the changes. (clearer 
       shadow on tab 'buttons', lightest bottom box has a darker middle band)
     - When navigating through detail pages with pgup/pgdn also include the contents 
       of a set, not just the first movie.
     - Better truncation of eps.- set, and plot titles
     - When a movie is set to watched return to the main index
     - When all eps. are set to watched return to main index.
     - Made the abstract red line image instead of the red curtain the default bg.
       You can change this in the skin.settings
     - When no fanart is found the skin switches to the one with the big poster.
     - Changed default thumbs sizes to aspect ration of boxcovers. You can remove
       the BasisThumbnailsWidth and BasisThumbnailsHeight from the config.ini
     - Music poster are normalized to 400x400 pixels, no reflections
     - Added default picture for Albums without art
     - Fanart which has the aspect ration of 1:1 is no longer used as the backdrop
     - Change white rectangle of music albums in black rectangle
     - Updated some graphics (clear the PCH image cache)      
     - First unwatched movie in a set is automatically selected on the set tab.
     - Instead of showing 'Season 0' for TV series the term 'Specials' is shown.
     - Added help button on every page on NMTServer gui.
     - New to change the rectangle around selected thumbnails:

     - Fixed Tranformers bug
     - AAC logo instead of DD logo
     - Navigation error to pages with special characters
     - Fixed problem with special characters in music album titles.
     - Music shuffle for index moved to button 99 instead of PLAY, 
       so you can play the albums from the index with PLAY.
     - Fixed error in Music skin when more then 3*23 files.
     - Rating on details page should be certification
     - Music folder with multiple formats caused multiple albums to be created.

      - Support for YAMJ sking with the SETUP button has been dropped.
      - Removed rating text in bottom layout mode
      - Moved Download and Released notes to Google code
      - Removed MovieFlow
      - Removed TextMode
      -  Deleted settings 'Use set images', these are now always used
      - Deleted settings 'Skip doubles', just use the cleanup function.

Older versions

     - features      - Added Info button on details page to see the full movie details 
                       (zzzbullseye style)
                     - Added BoxCovers add on to the distribution, see the read_me.txt of 
                       the \addon folder how to setup

     - enhancements  - Menu option to launch box covers add on gui
                     - Skin tweak: softer selection rectangle

     - fixes         - fixed sorting bug for set e.g. The Matrix Set should be under 
                       M not T.
                     - better detection of set images.
                     - better reading of WMA tags
     - enhancements  - Added an update version of Warracks Boxed covers plugin, with this 
                       version you can change a few things: 
                         include HD logo, perspective for thumbs and/or posters. See the 
                         readme.txt in \Addon folder.
                     - played around with the thumbnail width and size, these settings 
                       seems to work best with the boxed covers
                      - play a tv episode deirectly by pressing the eps# on the remote 
                        (the other buttons have been prefixed with a 9)
                      - change main buttons: 
                           red->movies, green->tv, yellow->music, blue->browser
                           4->toggle sort, 41->sort title, 42->sort rating, 43->sort 
                           mixed, 44->sort, 45->sort new
                      - changed left menu: instead of "all/new/top" now "title/rating
                        /mix/rd/new". The current sorting is highlighted.
                        If you select one of these categories your current selection is 
                        reset. If you want to keep the selection but
                        change the sort then use button 4, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45
                      - added new backgrounds bg_red.jpg, bg_green.jpg, bg_yellow.jpg. 
                        bg_blue.jpg (change via the
    - fixes          - title in the index is no longer truncated to 40 chars (can create 
                       problems with utf-8)
                     - there was an implicit conversion to ANSI when transcoding, creates 
                       problems if you mix e.g. cyrillic pages with iso pages.
                     - fixed zoom mode for boxcovers (press 38)
                     - tuned skin for larger poster with boxcover

    - features       - added "After scanning run" option for use with addons. See the 
                       \AddOn folder readme.txt how to setup the boxcover addon.
                     - added a script for boxcover addon without reflection, see \AddOn 
                     - added the possibility for translations, example translation for 
                       dutch and provided in 'translations_dutch.txt'
                       to enable the translations edit the config.ini:

    - enhancements   - Compatability with Boxcover ADDON, see 

                         Setup for box covers addon:
                         - Install the ADDON "Index And Details Posters Like Box" from 
                         - Select 'force .png images' on the settings tab.
                         - Convert the thumbnails and posters with the Boxcover addon.
                         - clear the cache on the PCH (goto PCH setup, select maintance, 
                            press filemode, select clear cache)

                         - To correct the aspect ratio of the thumbnails set the 
                           dimensions in the config.ini in the default section:
                           e.g. for thumbs without reflection
                         - The set images are not boxed by the addon, you can disable the 
                           set images for TV series and Movies on the settings tab.
                         - Correct the aspect ratio of the poster by editing the 
                 , enable the Boxed scaled poster settings

                     - new setting i.force.height=0, to keep the original 
                       aspect ratio of the thumbs
                     - changed background image for movie index. (Change this back via 
                       the file)

    - fixes          - show set images "set_name_1_small.jpeg"
                     - if filesize can not be determined then do not hide
                     - moved filedates.txt to homedir
                     - added view log button for YAMJ

   - fixes           - optimized streaming of wmv (other filetype might be improved to)
                     - added dummy favicon.ico
                     - sorting of season improved
                     - Show episode plot when only one episode of a TV serie is listed
                     - Offline movies: file smaller then 1024 bytes are considered 

   - enhancements    - more images in zzzbullseye section of detail skin
                     - when filesize is below 1024 bytes, the media format (DVD, HD, SD) 
                       is derived from the filename.

   - features        -

                     - file with filesize=0 are marked as offline (on index in the title, 
                       on details in right corner)
                     - press 14 to swith between hide or show offline media
                       Offline media is intended for e.g. a Physical DVD collection, for 
                       every DVD you make a dummy file of 0 bytes.

                     - Audio file scanner: if no tags can be found the album is skipped. 
                       Now you can create an nfo.xml with at least the album and artist 
                       in it to work around that.
                       The name of the xml must be <foldername>.nmts.nfo.xml
                       e.g. Guns N' Roses - Chinese Democracy (2008).nmts.nfo.xml

                   	 <album>Chinese Democracy</album>
                	 <artist>Guns N' Roses</artist>

                     - Changed behaviour of Show Plot button: 
                          - Default plot and outline are displayed
                          - press once: plot is hidden
                          - press twice: outine becomes plot
                          - press three times plot and outline are hidden
                          - press again, back to default

                     - max 3 column display for music so 75 files can be displayed
                     - additional small_yellow, flag in right upper 
                       corner and more
                     - when all episode in a serie are watched then the entire season is 
                       marked as watched. The show/hide watch button is now
                       also enabled for tv series.
                       Press 66 to mark all episodes as not watched
                       Press 99 to mark all episodes as watched

  - enhancements     - added more multiline movie attributes (zzbullseys 
                       style), display flag, fixed text and more
  - fixes            - album fanart was broken

  - enhancements     - added more options to the scale poster, detail 
                       text background (solid, dark, medium, light, clear)
                     - display date and time on index page, note: this only updates when 
                       you refresh the index
  - fixes            - more utf-8 fixes, now in the music xml's (rescan your files if you 
                       have problems, maybe even delete all the *.nfo.xml files)
                     - fixed google parser

Comment by Stuart.Boston, Feb 1, 2010

The site for the YAMJ builds has changed to

Comment by, Jan 7, 2013

you probably want to add the following to the end of your IgnoreXML section: \Certification=12

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