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UPDATE: Nexista Code has been moved to:

Nexista Trac

Nexista aims to assist development teams in deploying web applications through a modular, wireframe approach divided over four areas:

  1. Content - information, dynamic content, etc...
  2. Logic - php code, database access, etc..
  3. Design - xslt, site layout, look and feel, user interface, etc...
  4. Flow - Navigation, sub-application logic, sitemapping, etc...

This separation of each area allows for effective team development, rapid concept prototyping and the use of encapsulated test methodologies.

Nexista can be compared to the Zend framework and symfony, but with a focus on XML, XPath, and XSL. Nexista is becoming more of a RESTful application framework, and if you happen to know anything about REST web development architectures, please visit and contribute your knowledge to:

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