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Issue 70: Add TextSearch
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Status:  Accepted

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Project Member Reported by, Aug 21, 2008
Add Hoogle.DataBase.TextSearch, should search the haddock documentation/
synopsis+description of items.

Do full word searching only, but eliminate case distinctions, do basic 
stemming (mapping = mapp), single/double letters (mapp = map), s/z 
distinction (size = sise).

When doing a text search, search for names first, then return all those 
which satisfy the text search as best as they can.

Add documentation colouring for text strings, but do this as you are 
displaying them.
Aug 21, 2008
Project Member #1
For packages and modules (i.e. containing structures), add in all the documentation 
hits for their children as well, but display them further down. i.e. tagsoup wants 
to hit for download etc, even though it may not be in the description.
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