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This project is for those of you that have been continuing to use the free version of NCover and the reporting tool NCoverExplorer. As you may have encoutered issues with the report generation in NCoverExplorer (Index out of range exceptions) this tool will solve that for you. By combining all of your coverage output files into a single NCover style xml coverage file while optionally generating simple NCoverExplorer xml reports.

Feel free to download if your just interested in getting a jump-start on custom coding your own reporting from NCover.

Change Log


  1. Function coverage % was inverted
  2. Overloaded methods were being collapsed


Download the zip file and extract it's contents, you'll find the following files:

  • CSharpTest.Net.CoverageReport.exe - The main command-line program executable
  • CoverageReport.xsl - An xslt transform that is used for viewing the reports
  • LICENSE-2.0.txt - You know

To run the program, simply provide the following arguments:

CoverageReport.exe [/s] [/wait] /module=[outputfile] /namespace=[outputfile]
    /combine=[outputfile] /class=[outputfile]
    coverage.xml [coverage2.xml] [coverage*.xml]
    /module will write a module-based summary of the coverage data
    /namespace will write a namespace-based summary of the coverage data
    /class will write a class-based summary of the coverage data
    /combine will rewrite a combined coverage data file
    Always list one or more coverage xml files generated by NCover 1.x
    You may supply a relative or qualified file path and simple wildcards
    are allowed (* and ?).
    /s will recurse directories named on the command-line to match the files
    /nologo Hide the startup message
    /wait after processing wait for user input


This project is part of a growning set of tools that will be released from in the near future.

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