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READ-ONLY: This project has been archived. For more information see this post.
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Please see the official website:

Update 4 June 2012

Source has been moved to GitHub under:

Update 14 August 2011: Version 3.0 Release

Some bug fixes and patches, courtesy of Joshua Roth.

Also revised the syntax. Now building lists and building single objects share the same method names.

For example, where it used to be:

Builder<Product>.CreateNew().With(x => x.Title = "some title").Build();

Builder<Product>.CreateListOfSize(10).WhereAll().Have(x => x.Title = "some title").Build();

Now the syntax for building a list is:

Builder<Product>.CreateListOfSize(10).All().With(x => x.Title = "some title").Build();

The old syntax methods are still there but have been marked [Obsolete]. Please note though that a build is included where these methods are not obsolete. This is for cases where people don't want compiler warnings about using [Obsolete] methods.

The recommended approach though is to find-and-replace and convert the old syntax to the new. The changes are as follows:

WhereAll()  ->  All()
WhereTheFirst()  ->  TheFirst()
WhereTheLast()  ->  TheLast()
WhereSection()  ->  Section()
WhereRandom()  ->  Random()
AndTheNext()  ->  TheNext()
AndThePrevious()  ->  ThePrevious()
AndTheLast()  ->  TheLast()
Have()  ->  With()
Has()  ->  With()

I'll be posting up a script in the next few days to find and replace all method calls within a codebase.

Download 3.0 here

Update 29 August 2010: Version 2.2.0 Release

This adds support for silverlight. Both the 3.5 CLR and a Silverlight 3 version are included in the zip file. Also includes some other very minor bug fixes.

Download 2.2.0 here

Update 20 October 2009: Version 2.1.9 beta DLL available

Since there are a few patches and new features all at once, I thought it would be best to issue a beta release. Please report any issues.

  • Support for Guids and sbytes - the property value assigners (property namers) now all support guids and sbytes.
  • New constructor syntax:
  • Builder<Product>.CreateNew()
        .WithConstructor( () => new Product("title", 5.5m) )
  • Extensible Random Value Property Namer. No documentation at the moment but see issue 21 for details. Many thanks to Tim Scott for providing this patch.
  • Issue 23 fixed. (Thanks to Jan Van Ryswyck for this patch.
  • Issue 20 fixed. (Thanks to Lukasz Podolak and Bobby Johnson for this patch)
  • A few other minor bug fixes - some wrong or misleading error and warning messages have been fixed.

Update 12 June 2009: Version 2.1.8 DLL and source code now available

  • Fixes issues 14 and 15

Download NBuilder 2.1.8 now

Update 6 June 2009: Version 2.1.7 DLL and source code now available

  • Addition of singular methods - e.g. Has(x => ...), HasDoneToIt(), HasDoneToItForAll(), IsConstructedWith() Issue 8

Update 30 May 2009: Version 2.1.6 DLL and source code now available

  • Fix for issue 5 - Pick<>.RandomItemFrom() picks the same item when creating a list
  • Fix for issue 6 - RandomItemPicker will never choose last item in list
  • New feature detailed in issue 7 - NBuilder will now assign values to enum properties

Thanks to Kevin Kuebler for finding the defects, fixing both of them and implementing enum support!

To see it in action please see the Overview/HowTo page

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